#428 — December 6, 2018

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Ruby Weekly

AWS Lambda Gets Official Support for Ruby — After much community demand, AWS’s popular Lambda serverless platform now supports Ruby as a first class language, opening up an interesting new way to deploy Ruby code. Psst.. if serverless interests you, we have a weekly serverless newsletter too.

Amazon Web Services

▶  Matz's RubyConf Keynote on the Power of the Ruby Community — The creator of Ruby, Yukihiro ‘Matz’ Matsumoto, delivered the opening keynote at RubyConf 2018 covering the Ruby creation story, how Ruby is built, how the community works, and even jokes about his future retirement.


Getting Your Manager to Say ‘Yes’ to DevOps Tools — Have you ever found yourself in a situation where you have discovered a new tool that may be able to solve a problem for your team?

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Phusion Passenger 6 Released — While Passenger was originally an app server solely aimed at getting Rails apps rapidly deployed to the Web, it’s now grown into a more general tool and now includes generic language support as well as first class support for other languages popular with Rubyists like Elixir and Rust.

Hongli Lai (Phusion)

The 2019 Fukuoka Ruby Award Competition — Every year the Fukuoka regional government in Japan gets together with Matz to grant an award to a Ruby-related code-based project. Anyone worldwide can enter and the grand prize is 1 million yen. Entry closes on January 31, 2019.

Fukuoka Ruby

Rails 5.2.2 Released — The release notes on GitHub are now an attractive and informative aggregation of the changes made to each of Rails’ constituent gems.

Rafael Franca

Building an API with Ruby and the Serverless Framework — Now that AWS Lambda supports Ruby, you can use the popular, though confusingly named, ‘Serverless framework’ to build and deploy your functions in a structured way.

Serverless Framework

💻 Jobs

Ruby on Rails Developer at X-Team (Remote) — We help our developers keep learning and growing every day. Unleash your potential. Work from anywhere. Join X-Team.


BackerKit Is Looking for a VP of Engineering (SF) — The leading platform for creators that want to focus on creating. We're building some neat stuff, join us. Check out our team values here.


Join Our Career Marketplace & Get Matched With A Job You Love — Through Hired, software engineers have transparency into salary offers, competing opportunities, and job details.


📘 Tutorials

How Fast is Ruby 2.6.0preview3 for Discourse? — We’ve seen a few 2.6preview benchmarks, but this one is from a Benchmark Guru™ and shows, definitively, that 2.6 might be faster than 2.5.

Noah Gibbs

Deploying a Rails 5.2 and PostgreSQL App with AWS Elastic Beanstalk

Evrim Persembe

Check Out New Pay-As-You-Go Semaphore CI/CD Pipelines — Deliver your Rails apps faster with powerful, autoscaling CI/CD. Join the conversation on Product Hunt.

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Passing current_user by Default When Using Sidekiq — If you need to pass a user object to your background jobs, it’s possible to do it elegantly and ‘by default’ using middleware.

Ashish Gaur

Reflections on Memoization and Alternatives — Caching ‘expensive’ results can yield performance improvements but it’s not always the best solution.

Joël Quenneville (Thoughtbot)

Using Scenic & SQL Views to Aggregate Data — The Scenic gem makes working with views and ActiveRecord much easier so you can aggregate your data your way.

André Perdigão

The Value of Mutation Testing — An interview with the creator of the mutant testing gem. “Mutation testing is the process of heuristically determining semantics of your program that are not covered by tests.”

Pedro Pereira Santos

How to Quickly Test a URL with Curl::Easy — A very brief tip that may be handy if you have a large selection of URLs to check for linkrot (might be time to do the Ruby Weekly archives..!)

Stefan Wintermeyer

Creating a Simple Slack Bot in Ruby — A simple 10 minute screencast and sample code.

Drifting Ruby

How to Use Simple State Machines in Ruby — A nice introduction to state machines with example implementations from scratch and using gems.

Jesus Castello

🔧 Code & Tools

HTTPX: A Ruby HTTP Client 'For Tomorrow and Beyond' — Its features include HTTP/2 support, a chainable API, and concurrent requests by default.


rack-fluentd-logger: Rack Middleware to Send Traffic Logs to Fluentd — Fluentd is an “open source data collector for unified logging layer.”

Mikhail Slyusarev

Stealth: A Framework for Building Conversational Bots — A Rails-inspired MVC framework for building voice and chat bots. Version 1.1.0 dropped this week.

Black Ops Bureau Inc.

Down: Flexible Streaming and Downloading of Remote Files over HTTP — Can use open-uri, Net::HTTP, HTTP.rb or wget behind the scenes.

Janko Marohnić

Detect Ruby Production Errors in Real-Time, Then Debug Them in Minutes

Rollbar sponsor

DatabaseConsistency: A Tool to Find Inconsistency Between Active Record Validations and Database Constraints

Evgeniy Demin