#448 — May 2, 2019

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Ruby Weekly

Rails 6: B-Sides and Rarities — A nice list of some of the lesser-publicized additions to Rails 6 (currently in its release candidate phase), such as Action Cable testing, bulk (in/up)serts, per-environment credentials, and actionable errors in the browser.

Martian Chronicles

🎮  Developer Sneaks Ruby Coding Environment into Nintendo Switch Game — The CEO of RubyMotion created a game with a Ruby REPL Easter Egg. Needless to say, Nintendo was not amused 😂 Psst.. Switch Weekly, it exists!

Wesley Yin-Poole

Not All DevOps Heroes Wear Capes, but They Do Use Honeybadger — Honeybadger combines exception, uptime and check-in monitoring into a single, easy to use platform. It also integrates with apps you use: Slack, PagerDuty, GitHub and tons more. Discover how easy Honeybadger makes it for you to be a DevOps hero.

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Two Hidden Gems: Delegator and Forwardable — A helpful and thorough look at two parts of the standard library that aim to help you with delegation.

Michael Kohl (AppSignal)

A List of Forthcoming Ruby Conferences — We often include lists of events in our newsletters, but this site is doing a great job too. Make sure you’re not missing out on any Ruby conferences you might want to attend. Along similar lines is RubyMap, a world map of local Ruby communities (be sure to add yours!)

Jon Allured

Procodile: A Simple Process Manager for Development and Production — Procodile works with Procfiles, like foreman, but adds the ability to specify options, integrate easily with systemd, and more.

aTech Media

🎂  The Ruby Toolbox Turns 10 Years Old — Sure, it took a bit of a hiatus, but it’s back better than ever and it’s great to see anything in our community hit double digits.

Christoph Olszowka

💻 Jobs

Senior Software Engineer - Catawiki (Amsterdam) — We’re a fun, thriving scale-up using Ruby (and a little bit of Go) to help millions of users fulfil their passions. We have technical and product challenges, and need you to solve them.


Ruby on Rails Developer at X-Team (Remote) — Join the most energizing community for developers. Work from anywhere with the world's leading brands.


Have You Tried Vettery? — Vettery specializes in tech roles and is completely free for job seekers. Create a profile to get started.


📘 Articles & Tutorials

Using Custom Objects in Ruby Ranges — Not only is this a cool tick to know, he uses Star Wars movies in the example. Air lightsabers while making vrzzzzz noises…

Tim Ash

How to Schedule Cron Jobs in Ruby with the whenever Gem — Cron is a job scheduling system on most POSIX systems and whenever provides a neat, Rubyish way to work with it.

Jesus Castello

A Rails Testing "Hello World" using RSpec and Capybara — An excerpt from Jason’s book (Rails Testing for Beginners), how to set up a Rails app from scratch to use RSpec.

Jason Swett

Do You Know What's Hiding in Your App? An App Review Gives Certainty

reinteractive - ROR App Review sponsor

A Visual Trace of How Rails Responds to a Request — A very cool visualization (built using TracePoint) of the “2041 Ruby method calls made by a Rails 5.2.2 server running in production mode”.

Chris Zetter

▶  How to Use Bootstrap with Webpack and Railswebpacker makes it super easy to load both Bootstrap’s CSS and JS into your Rails app using webpack.

Go Rails

🔧 Code & Tools

Suspenders: A Rails Template with Thoughbot's Standard Defaults — Thoughtbot know a lot about building Rails apps, so using their starter app isn’t a bad idea, especially as they keep it up to date.

thoughtbot, inc.

Shiba: Catch Bad SQL Queries Before They Cause Problems in Production — It’s only in alpha for now, but Shiba can review the SQL created by ActiveRecord queries for common performance issues and create pull requests that highlight the offending lines.

Burrito Brothers

GoCD - Open Source CI/CD Tool — GoCD provides visibility into complex deployments & supports cloud environments like Kubernetes, Docker, AWS, Azure.

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rom 5.0.0 and rom-sql 3.0.0 Released — The new release includes some nice DSL updates, especially around joins, support for case statements, and more. There’s rom-http 0.8.0 too if you’re living that Ruby Object Mapper lifestyle.

Piotr Solnica

wasmer: A Ruby Extension to Run WebAssembly Binaries


Arx: A Ruby Interface for Querying Academic Papers on ArXiv

Edwin Onuonga

Job Iteration 1.0: Makes ActiveJob Jobs Interruptible and Resumable


Scientist: A Ruby Library for Carefully Refactoring Critical Paths — Scientist allows you to experiment with refactorings alongside the old code and publish the results. It’s recently had its first release in a year.


tesla_api: An Unofficial Gem for Tesla's JSON API — Want to control your Tesla’s seat or steering wheel heater from a Ruby script? Why, yes, we hear you all cry.

Tim Dorr