#450 — May 16, 2019

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🎉 After a bit of a drought of new Ruby projects over the winter, there have been a lot of releases lately so scroll down and check out the Code & Tools section this week for sure — it's packed!

Ruby Weekly

Opal 1.0: The Ruby to JavaScript Compiler — A release seven years in the making, Opal is now faster, supports more Ruby features (such as Module.prepend) and has a promising roadmap (including first class Webpack support) for those that want Ruby everywhere.

Elia Schito

▶  The State of Sorbet: A Type Checker for Ruby — Even if you’re not interested in types, this is an interesting talk because Stripe are really trying to push Ruby developer productivity forward, and it’s also interesting to hear how Ruby is Stripe’s main development language.

Jake Zimmerman and Paul Tarjan

eBook: The Most Important Events to Monitor in Your Postgres Logs — In this pganalyze eBook, we are looking at the Top 6 Postgres log events for monitoring query performance and preventing downtime.

pganalyze sponsor

zxcvbn-ruby 1.0: A Password Strength Estimator — A Ruby port of Dropbox’s zxcvbn JavaScript library which you can use to show users how secure their passwords are or to enforce password security policy.


📺 RubyKaigi Videos of the Week

The RubyKaigi conference took place month and talk videos are now coming out thick and fast. Here are some of the highlights:

💻 Jobs

Ruby on Rails Engineer — Goldstar is looking for experienced Ruby on Rails engineers on-site in Portland, Oregon and Pasadena, California.


New Career for Ruby Engineers. All Levels (Edinburgh, Remote) — Popular, award-winning Ruby/Rails SaaS product. Flexible, inclusive, happy team. Great work/life balance and benefits. Join us.


Find A Ruby Job on Vettery — Vettery specializes in tech roles and is completely free for job seekers.


📘 Articles & Tutorials

The Lifecycle of a Rails Request — The lifecycle here starts before DNS, journies through the web server and Rack before arriving in Rails and finally ending in a controller and view.

Godfrey Chan

Rails 6 Upgrade Best Practices — Are you ready for the latest version of Rails? Here are some tips to help your eventual upgrade go as smoothly as possible.

Nate Vick

Automate Your Code Reviews — Codacy flags errors in your code so you can fix them quickly, directly from your current workflow. Get started today.

Codacy sponsor

A Simpler Rails Benchmark, Puma and Concurrency — While writing a simpler, non-Discourse dependent Rails benchmark framework, Noah shows how more threads is definitely not always more better.

Noah Gibbs

4 Lesser Known Ways to Use Ruby’s Enumerable Module

Josh Dzielak

▶  Discussing Running a Ruby User Group — Riaz Virani organizes the Atlanta Ruby Users Group meetup and talks about how it all works from sponsors to costs. Handy if you’re planning to host a meetup of your own.

Drifting Ruby

RubyKaigi 2019: A Speaker’s Report — A report on the recent RubyKaigi 2019 event from a speaker’s point of view. In short: “if you still think that “Ruby is dead” then you’re just not paying attention.”

Andrey Novikov

▶  How to Use Action Mailbox in Rails 6 — A demonstration of using Action Mailbox (a Rails 6 framework for routing incoming emails within an app) to process emails.


🔧 Code & Tools

rails-erd: Generate Entity-Relationship Diagrams for Rails Apps“Generate a diagram based on your application’s Active Record models. The diagram gives an overview of how your models are related.”


High Voltage: Easily Include Static Pages in Your Rails App — Abstracts away some of the boilerplate around static pages (e.g. “About Us”) in otherwise dynamic apps.


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minitest_log: Give Structure to Test Logs — So the test can “tell its story”. There are lots of options here.

Burdette Lamar

FactoryTrace: A Tool to Maintain Factories and Traits from FactoryBot — If you’re a heavy FactoryBot user, you need this as it’ll help you find unused factories and traits to clean up.

Evgeniy Demin

Dynamoid: A Ruby ORM for Amazon's DynamoDB — Get an ActiveRecord-esque for DynamoDB - no mean feat considering DynamoDB is a NoSQL key/value and document database.


RouteTranslator: Translate Your Rails App Route to Various Languages — Manage the translations of your app routes with a simple dictionary format. Already works with Rails 6.

Enric Lluelles

Logidze: Log Database Changes in Rails Apps — Logs are stored in the database in a JSONB column (so Postgres only). It claims to be faster than Audited and PaperTrail which both remain fine alternatives in this area.

Vladimir Dementyev

telegram-bot-ruby: A Ruby Wrapper for Telegram's Bot APITelegram is a popular messaging app that’s particularly friendly to bot accounts and automation.

Alexander Tipugin

Blab: An Experimental Tool for Tracing Local Variables and Memory Usage — Not only experimental, but extremely experimental, but interesting nonetheless.

Yulia Oletskaya