#462 — August 8, 2019

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Ruby Weekly

Runbook: A Ruby DSL for Gradual System Automation — PayPal-owned Braintree uses this to automate their deployment preflight checklists, on-call playbooks, system maintenance operations, and more. And now, you can too. A neat idea.

Patrick Blesi

First Impressions of Fullstaq Ruby — Find out how to reduce your application memory consumption with a new MRI Ruby distribution from Hongli Lai, one of the original creators of Passenger (and Ruby Enterprise Edition, which was a similar idea in the 1.8 era).

Andrey Novikov

Instantly Know When Ruby Errors Occur & How to Fix Them — With Ruby error tracking from Rollbar you get exception & crash reports in real-time. Track & debug bugs in record time. Start monitoring & fixing errors in minutes - Try Rollbar for free.

Rollbar sponsor

AWS Introduces ‘aws-rails-provisioner’ for Deploying Rails Apps on AWS Fargateaws-rails-provisioner, now in developer preview, helps you define and deploy containerized Rails apps on AWS Fargate (an AWS service that runs container-based apps without you having to manually manage any servers yourself).

Amazon Web Services

Disassembling Rails: How Does ActionText Deal with File Uploads?ActionText is a new rich text editing component (based upon Trix) introduced in Rails 6, and this post explains the way it handles uploaded files.

Stan Lo

First Beta of Jekyll 4 Released — A pre-release of Jekyll 4, the next major release of the popular static site building system.

Matt Rogers

💻 Jobs

Ruby on Rails Engineer — Goldstar is looking for experienced Ruby on Rails Engineers onsite in Portland, Oregon and Pasadena, California.


Software Engineers - Ruby on Rails (Sacramento, CA) — Help us expand our industry leading legal records procurement software at scale with Ruby, Rails, React, GraphQL, and PostgreSQL.

Gemini Legal

Ruby Developers Are in Demand on Vettery — Ready for a bold career move? Make a free profile, name your salary, and connect with hiring managers from top employers today.


📘 Articles & Tutorials

How to Deal with Complex Factory Bot Associations in RSpec Tests — Complex setups for test data, particularly where objects rely upon other objects, can be a big cause of headaches when testing. Jason quickly shows a way to structure things when using RSpec.

Jason Swett

7 Ways to Selectively Run RSpec Tests — For when you don’t want to run the entire test suite..

Emmanuel Hayford

How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love Failed Builds

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Setting Up a Rails 6 App with Multiple Databases on Heroku — Rails 6 makes it easier than ever to use multiple databases with the same app. Here’s how it works and a Heroku-related thing to consider.

Prathamesh Sonpatki

Using Array's uniq Method To Remove Duplicates — Using uniq on its own is easy enough, but using it with a block provides even more power. One for beginners.

Jesus Castello

Recyclable Cache Keys in Rails — Rails 5.2 added cache_versioning and collection_cache_versioning to support recyclable cache keys.

Taha Husain

Showing Your Ruby Version in iTerm's Status Bar — The latest version (3.3.0) of the macOS terminal emulator iTerm2 lets you customize the status bar and you can put the current version of the languages you use there. It’s not enough to drag me away from Terminal but it’s a neat feature to see.

Nick Jones

🛠 Code and Tools

Ciao: An HTTP Monitoring Tool, Built on Rails — An open source webapp that checks HTTP endpoints and can send notifications when things occur (e.g. a site goes down or throws an error).

Brot and Games

Hightop: A Shortcut for Group Count Queries — Adds a top method to Enumberable so works with both plain old arrays or ActiveRecord.

Andrew Kane

Founders/CTOs: We Upgrade Rails So That Your Team Doesn’t Have To

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Combustion: Simple, Elegant Testing for Rails Engines — Rails ‘engines’ are basically ‘sub-apps’ that can provide functionality within the context of a bigger Rails app. Combustion helps you structure their tests in a more logical way.

Pat Allan

Committee: Rack Middleware to Support JSON Schema — For when you want to build services based upon JSON Schema, OpenAPI 2, or OpenAPI 3.


Stitches: Create Microservices in Rails with 'Minimal Ceremony'

Stitch Fix Technology

TTY::Pie: Draw Pie Charts in Your Terminal Window

Piotr Murach