#471 — October 10, 2019

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Ruby Weekly

Ruby 2.7 to Deprecate Automatic Conversion of a Hash to Keyword Arguments — The way ‘keyword arguments’ work in Ruby grew from the legacy approach of passing a hash of arguments into methods. Ruby 3.0, however, will have ‘real’ keyword arguments separated from the idea of hashes, so the automatic conversion of a supplied hash into keyword arguments will yield a warning in Ruby 2.7.

Rohit Kumar

The Minitest Style Guide — The Rubocop team have put together a style guide for at least my favorite Ruby testing library of choice: minitest!

Rubocop Team

Pain-Free Rails Deployments — Become a more productive developer with Cloud 66 for Rails. The best tool to build, deploy, and manage your Rails apps on any cloud. Try it free and deploy happy.

Cloud 66 sponsor

Spree 4.0: The Rails-Based Ecommerce System — Spree is a long standing modular, API-driven and Ruby-based open source ecommerce system, and with this latest version is now fully Rails 6.0 compatible.

Spree Commerce

Why RSpec Tests Fail (and How To Fix Them) — A variety of examples of where your tests could fail (time, callbacks, randomness, etc.) and thoughts on troubleshooting such issues.

Thomas Barrasso

▶  A Bunch of Rails Tips and Tricks in 13 Minutes — If you like quick fire grab bags of tips and tricks, this is the video for you. Includes things like the helper object, presence_in, date ranges in Active Record queries, number formatting, bundle outdated, and more.

Drifting Ruby

London Ruby Unconference 2019 on October 19 — It’s only a fiver and they asked so nicely we had to include it :-) If you’re in the UK, want to meet some fellow Rubyists, consider heading to London on Saturday, October 19.

London Ruby Unconference

💻 Jobs

Scale the Runtime with Ruby Infrastructure at Scribd — Ruby serves billions of pages per year at Scribd. Optimize new versions of Ruby & Rails while contributing improvements upstream.


Find A Job Through Vettery — Vettery specializes in tech roles and is completely free for job seekers. Create a profile to get started.


📘 Articles & Tutorials

▶  How to Write System Tests in Rails — System tests allow you to use a browser for testing your Rails app including the dynamic, JavaScript-powered elements.

Go Rails

How to Build a Rails App That Uses Vue.js and JSX — There aren’t a ton of Rails tutorials that use Vue, so here you go.

Andrea Vassallo

Test Mux Video for Your Ruby App for Free ✨ — Easily build beautiful video experiences into your Ruby app. Create a free Mux account and get $20 credit today.

Mux sponsor

The Algorithms Behind RuboCop's Complexity Metrics — A series of posts about how RuboCop calculates its complexity metrics on code.

Abhimanyu Singh

▶  Ruby for Good with Polly Schandorf — Polly Schandorf is an organizer of Ruby for Good, an hackathon-of-sorts about using Ruby to make the world “gooder”.

Ruby on Rails Podcast podcast

Save Your Links From Phishers — Define a special link helper to make links that prevent the remote site indulging in some ‘reverse tabnabbing’.

Eugene Komissarov

Fully Deleting User Data — Whether it’s compliance-driven or not, making sure to fully delete user data is part of delighting your users.


🛠 Code and Tools

RuboCop Meets Minitest — RuboCop has had a RSpec extension for years, but they’ve been working on rubocop-minitest for a while and are now happy to show it off.

Bozhidar Batsov

will_paginate 3.2: A Pagination library for Rails, Sinatra, and More — Amazingly it is possible for a long established pagination library to keep getting better. It’s totally up to date, complete with Ruby 2.7 and Rails 6 compatibility.

Mislav Marohnić

Monitoring & Distributed Tracing for Ruby Apps. Try Datadog APM Free

Datadog APM sponsor

connection_pool: Generic Connection Pooling Library — I found this this week and it works very well as a way to use the http gem across numerous threads in a multithreaded app.

Mike Perham

WEBrick 1.5: The HTTP Server Toolkit — WEBrick is best known as a simple, pure Ruby HTTP server that’s been in the standard library for 15+ years. It’s been shifted out to a separate gem, and here’s the first release in a year. Nothing big, but looks like mostly Ruby 2.6-focused tweaks and fixes.

Ruby Core Team

PunyLinux: A Linux Build System Powered by Ruby and Rake — An interesting approach to building a minimal Linux system.

Ryan Scott Lewis

Parallel: Parallel Processing Made Simple and Fast — Uses both processes and threads to cover all bases.

Michael Grosser