#488 — February 13, 2020

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Ruby Weekly

A Look Inside the Ruby Concurrency Toolbox — This post covers threads, fibers, and guilds (hypothetically) and while you’ve likely seen all of this before, this is a solid explainer with practical comparisons.

Alex Braha Stoll

rubyapi.org: Another Way to Search and Explore Core Ruby Docs — There have been a few projects like this over the years, but the presentation on this one is pretty nice, it’s open source, and it looks good on mobile.

Colby Swandale

Get Deeper Insights into Your DB with Automated EXPLAIN Plan Analysis — Other tools might show what happened in the database, pganalyze equips engineering teams with the insights to understand why it happened. Check out our new EXPLAIN insights features to get simple visualizations of costliest plan nodes, slow sorts, and more.

pganalyze sponsor

GitHub CLI Now in Beta — GitHub has unveiled a new command line tool designed to make it easier to work with GitHub and common workflows there like handling pull requests, etc.


Twitter 7.0: A Ruby Interface to the Twitter API — A long standing library that had gone quite some time without any updates, but a flurry of activity this week has resulted in a new major version which now officially supports Ruby 2.6+.

Erik Berlin et al.

How Do I Use Rails Ruby Bench? — Noah Gibbs is likely THE Ruby/Rails Benchmarker Supreme and Rails Ruby Bench is his tool of choice. This is not as easy as expected, but there are so many edge cases.

Noah Gibbs

💻 Jobs

Ruby on Rails Engineer at Buildkite (Remote) — We’re looking for an Engineer that can influence all corners of our product and help shape a tool that thousands of devs use every day.


Rails Developer at GoMore (Copenhagen or Remote/EU) — GoMore is looking for a Ruby on Rails dev. The position is based in Copenhagen or remotely in an EU time-zone.


Find a Dev Job Through Vettery — Vettery is completely free for job seekers. Make a profile, name your salary, and connect with hiring managers from top employers.


📘 Articles & Tutorials

Repurposing an Old Android Phone as a Ruby Web Server“I had an old Motorola G5 Cedric gathering dust, so I decided to do something with it – it is now running a Puma web server with a simple Sinatra webapp.” Because, why not?

Leonardo Brito

How to Deal with 1,000 Failing Specs in a Rails App — The mass failing of these specs occurred due to a Ruby and Rails version upgrade. Being systematic about paring down failing specs might reduce your stress levels.

Planet Argon

Does Your App or Gem Need an Upgrade? — If you need to upgrade your Rails Application or dependencies and need a skilled partner, reinteractive can help. Ask for a free quote.

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Getting Started with System Tests in Rails with Minitest

Maud de Vries

Disallowed ActiveSupport Deprecations Coming to Rails 6.1 — As you upgrade Rails versions, you’ll encounter (and resolve, hopefully!) deprecation warnings, but did you know you’ll be able to mark deprecations as disallowed so you can’t use those features again in dev or test?

Alkesh Ghorpade

An Experience of Migrating a Rails API to Crystal and AWS Lambda — The two part tale of a developer who’s migrated a microservice from Ruby to Crystal (a very Ruby-esque compiled language). This journey is absolutely not for everyone but stories like this has value.

José Eduardo

Automatic Image Moderation using Amazon Rekognition — Amazon Rekognition can detect inappropriate content in images (think nudity, violence) and is easy to use in Ruby and ActiveStorage.

Karol Bąk

How to Deploy a Rails App to AWS Elastic Beanstalk“Elastic Beanstalk is kind of analogous to Heroku…The big difference is that Heroku is generally really easy and Elastic Beanstalk is a giant pain in the ass.” Still, the tutorial is good.

Jason Swett

Understanding Rails Secrets/Credentials — Some basic pointers on storing those secrets and credentials you don’t want kept in plaintext.

Jason Swett

Rubynetes: Kubernetes Config The Easy Way — If you hate YAML and love Ruby, this might make your Kubernetes interactions better.


Comparing the Ways to Calculate a Mean Average from a Ruby Array — This is sum lesson (groan).

Andy Croll

🛠 Code and Tools

httplog: Log Outgoing HTTP Requests in Ruby — Potentially handy for debugging API integrations or just get a feel for what’s going on under the hood. Hooks into HTTP, HTTParty, Net::HTTP, OpenURI and others.

Thilo Rusche

Inline SVG: Embed SVG Documents Into Rails Views and Style Them with CSS — Works with Rails 3 through 6 and adds helper methods that can read and display SVG documents via Sprockets or Webpacker as appropriate.

James Martin

JetBrains RubyMine: A Cross-Platform Ruby & Rails IDE

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Blind Index: Securely Search Encrypted Database Fields — Works with Lockbox and attr_encrypted.

Andrew Kane

backports: Some New Ruby 2.7 Features Added — Backports allows you to use features from newer versions of Ruby in older versions of Ruby.

Marc-André Lafortune

OmniAuth GitHub 1.4: A GitHub Strategy for OmniAuth — If you’re using OmniAuth for GitHub-powered OAuth logins for your apps, this is an important upgrade as GitHub has deprecated param-based authentication and this is the first OmniAuth GitHub release to support header-based authentication.

OmniAuth Community