#496 — April 9, 2020

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Ruby Weekly

Super Bombinhas: An In-Development Platform Game in Ruby — I was genuinely surprised how easy this was to get running on my macOS setup. gem install minigl, clone this repo, run game.rb and, yep, you have a Ruby powered platform game running. Genuinely a neat bit of work.

Victor David Santos

70+ Ruby and Rails Security Best Practices and Vulnerabilities — The folks at Hix have released another enormously comprehensive list around Rails. A lot to digest here.

Wiktor Plaga

Happy Rails Deployments with Cloud 66 — The simplicity of Heroku on your own servers. Deploy your Ruby, Rails, Sinatra and Rack application to any cloud or server. Try it free and get extra $66 free credits with the code: 'Ruby-Weekly'.

Cloud 66 sponsor

A Few of My Favorite Things — Kyle asked his coworkers to share their favorite command line tools and tricks and, wow, what a compilation. I bet you’ll find something to make your setup better here.

Kyle Adams

The 'Citadel' Architecture? — DHH has coined the term ‘Citadel’ to refer to ‘a single Majestic Monolith (that) captures the majority mass of the app, with a few auxiliary outpost apps for highly specialized and divergent needs.’ This pattern is quite common in the Ruby and Rails world including at GitLab and AppSignal, as we see here.

Thijs Cadier

💻 Jobs

Find a Job Through Vettery — Vettery specializes in tech roles and is completely free for job seekers. Create a profile to get started.


Lead Engineer at Moon Creative Lab — Moon is incubating startup ideas from around the globe. Write code, guide new businesses, build dev teams, and hone your craft in our design-led innovation lab.

Moon Creative Lab

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📘 Articles & Tutorials

How to Build a Conference Line with Twilio and Ruby — I don’t know what the cost of something like this is, but it’s pretty wild how easy this is to do. Maybe make a family conference line?

Phil Nash (Twilio)

Heredocs and How to Use ThemHere documents are a way to include long string literals into source code in many languages but are often overlooked by Rubyists. It’s worth being familiar with their syntax, though.

Romil Mehta

Our Rails Upgrade Process: How to Bundle Update Rails — We’ve seen variations of this process in the path, involving dual-booting Rails and walking through dependencies. It’s a good reminder.

Cleiviane Costa (FastRuby)

▶  Using Google Maps API with StimulusJS — We haven’t seen a Stimulus tutorial in a bit and this one shows how to incorporate an external library to use Google Maps. Also, maps are cool.

Drifting Ruby

▶  Streaming Music to Livestreamers — Learn about Pretzel Rocks, a service built to provide stream-safe music for livestreamers.

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Why You (Probably) Don't Need PostGIS — PostGIS is a popular and very powerful set of geospatial extensions for Postgres but for many geospatial tasks it’s a bit like using “a very large cannon to shoot a tiny bird” and there are simpler alternatives.

Krzysztof Zych

Upgrading Rails: Tracking Down Deprecated Callbacks in Rails 5.0 — Alex actually taps into the ActiveSupport Callback methods and modifies what the deprecation warnings display to make finding them easier.

Alex Taylor

How to Restart Sidekiq Automatically for Each Deployment — Jason taps into systemd and systemctl, so this is focused on a Linux-based deployment environment. Still, it’s easier than you might suspect.

Jason Swett

What Is The Ruby Legacy? — Avdi muses on a “post-Ruby world” and the lessons we have learned and can teach.

Avdi Grimm

obj.method_name vs class << obj: The Real Difference

Emmanuel Hayford

A Hands-On Tutorial to Debugging Your Code with pry-byebug

Remi Mercier

The Ruby Security Checklist

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🛠 Code and Tools

Gruff Graphs: A Graphing Library for Ruby — This library is 12 years old but has just had its first release in 4 years so it deserves a link up and.. I just gave it a spin and it still works well if you want to render basic charts to graphics.

Geoffrey Grosenbach and Watson

amazing_print: Pretty Print Your Ruby Objects with Style — AmazingPrint is a fork of AwesomePrint, which seems to have stagnated. Print your objects in full color with full indentation, etc. Awesome! Amazing!


Slack-Ruby-Bot: A Generic Slack Bot Framework — Bills itself as “the easiest way to write a Slack bot in Ruby” and might be the perfect way to annoy, entertain and inform your fellow coworkers while working from home 😄

Daniel Doubrovkine, Artsy and Contributors

Brutal: A Code-First Approach to Automate The Writing of Unit Tests — A way to remove some of the boilerplate of testing using YAML and code generation. An interesting idea though I’d be curious to see if it actually catches on.


CSV Shaper: A DSL for Creating CSV Output — Kicking data into shape for CSV output isn’t much fun at the best of times, so if anything can make it better..

Paul Springett

Chatwoot: Simple, Open Source Live Chat Software — A Rails-based open source alternative to a service like Intercom, say.


elasticsearch-ruby 7.6.0: Ruby Integrations & Client for Elasticsearch — Elasticsearch is a popular search query-driven document database.