#523 — October 15, 2020

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💎 Many of you picked up on my lamentations over Ruby vs Rails content last week and I now have a pile of submissions to consider for future issues – thanks! You'll be glad to know none of today's features are Rails specific 😉
Peter Cooper (@peterc)

Ruby Weekly

The World Beyond Rails: Other Ruby Web Frameworks — High level overviews of eight alternatives to Rails, most of which have been around for several years already, including Sinatra, Roda, Padrino, and Cuba.

Paweł Dąbrowski

An Opinion on Ruby 3 Typing — Brandur works at Stripe (though not on the Sorbet team) and has experience to back up his opinions about Ruby 3’s approach to static type analysis using separate .rbs files so far (spoiler: he’s not a fan).

Brandur Leach

Seamlessly Integrate Video into Your Ruby App — Mux Video is an API-first platform, powered by data and designed by video experts to make beautiful video possible for every development team.

Mux sponsor

Victor: A Ruby DSL for Building SVG Images — Like how there are libraries that let you construct XML or HTML using Ruby code, this is the same for vector graphics. With a little imagination, this could open up some neat automated graphical generation use cases.

Danny Ben Shitrit

Updated Ruby Documentation in Ruby 2.7.2 — Several areas of Ruby’s official documentation have received a variety of revisions as of Ruby 2.7.2, thanks to Burdette Lamar. We’ve linked to Hash above but Array and ENV have also seen updates.

Ruby Core Documentation

💻 Jobs

Senior Software Engineer in Healthtech (Remote & Async Team) — Join us in supporting NHS community nursing by giving time back to Nurses. We’re already having a real impact on people's lives.


Full-Stack Engineer (React + Rails) [Remote] — Reform professional education. We're bootstrapped and profitable, are led by 3x successful founder, and we tell a lot of dad jokes.


Find Your Next Job Through Vettery — Create a profile on Vettery to connect with hiring managers at startups and Fortune 500 companies. It's free for job-seekers.


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📘 Articles & Tutorials

Ruby Singleton Objects — Avdi has dug around in the archives of Ruby Tapas and given us a free sample focused on singleton objects and a way to structure them.

Avdi Grimm

Everything You Ever Wanted To Know About View Caching In Rails — There are loads of articles on caching, but this one is very clear with solid examples. You should put it somewhere that is fast to retrieve for the next time you need it…

Jonathan Miles

An Unofficial Active Admin Guide — A break-out of some of the gems that comprise Active Admin (a popular way to roll out admin interfaces for Rails apps) along with how to use them to clean up your AA code. If you use AA, this will make your life better.

Svyatoslav Kryukov

▶  'My Time with Rails is Up' Says Piotr Solnica — This week the Rails Podcast features Piotr Solnica, best known for his work on ROM.rb and dry-rb, where he discusses his work and why he ‘left’ Rails.

Ruby on Rails Podcast podcast

A Guide to Reactive Rails — A repo holding information and resources about “Reactive” Rails, the best example of being the buzz-worthy StimulusReflex.

Obie Fernandez

A Rails Multitenancy Story in 11 Snippets of Code — It’s interesting to see just the key pieces that make mulitenancy tick for Arkency.

Tomasz Wróbel

Using Tools to Internationalize a Rails App with a Vue.js Frontend — This starts with an existing Rails application and works through the various places that have strings (views, flash, frontend components, etc.) and works out how to automate it, resulting in a new gem.

Stefan Wienert

Best-Practices on How to Speed Up Your Postgres Queries. Free eBook

pganalyze sponsor

▶  Justin Gordon Talks About 'React on Rails' v12 — If a podcast episode doesn’t appeal to you, head straight to the React on Rails repo if you want to explore a quicker way to get up and running with React on a Rails app.

Ruby Rogues podcast

Ruby: The Not So Good Parts? — Chris highlighted some of the responses to a Nate Berkopec tweet about things people dislike about Ruby.

Chris Mytton

🛠 Code and Tools

Informers: State-of-the-Art Natural Language Processing for Ruby — There are three pre-trained models to sample so far, one for sentiment analysis, question answering, and name-entity recognition.

Andrew Kane

Interfaceable: Strict Interfaces in Ruby — I mean, if we’re going to add types then maybe we should add interfaces?


Engine Yard Kontainers: NoOps, Containerized App Deploys in Minutes — Let your development teams focus on building applications and leave the deployment and management to Engine Yard.

Engine Yard Kontainers sponsor

Evolvable: A Framework for Building Evolutionary Behaviors — Evolutionary algorithms build upon ideas such as natural selection, crossover, and mutation to construct relatively simple solutions to complex problems.

Matt Ruzicka

dotenv-linter: A Lightning-Fast Linter for .env Files — It’s written in Rust but if your project is using a .env file to store environment variables and you want to catch problems like duplicated keys or trailing whitespace, this may have value to you.

Grachev Mikhail

Departure.rb: Safe, Non-Blocking Migrations for MySQL on Rails — Adding the departure gem to your Rails application will use a Percona tool to safely alter tables and other objects as required by your application without downtime.

Josh Software