#525 — October 29, 2020

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Ruby Weekly

Examining a Proposal to Add Software Transactional Memory (STM) to Ruby — Chris Seaton was the founder of TruffleRuby (so he knows his stuff) and here he goes deep into a STM proposal for Ruby, explaining what STM is and why it could be useful. Get ready to bend your brain into fancy new shapes, but at the same time, it's quite accessible.

Chris Seaton

What's the Best EC2 Instance Type for Rails Apps? — While there are perhaps 574 types of EC2 instance type (we exaggerate!) they’re broken down into a handful of families each with pros and cons for different workloads. So which to choose for your Rails apps? Noah provides some advice and some numbers here.

Noah Gibbs

Deploy Rails Apps with Cloud 66 — Deploy your Rails applications to any cloud in minutes. By running your apps on your own servers, you'll save up to 60% compared to Heroku while enjoying the same simplicity.  4-week free trial + extra $66 free credits with the code: `Ruby-Weekly'.

Cloud 66 sponsor

Squash N+1 Queries Early with n_plus_one_control Test Matchersn_plus_one_control was built to capture N+1 queries at test time (RSpec and Minitest) as well as to address some of the issues with the Bullet gem (false positives, etc.)

Evil Martians

▶  How to Quit Your Job and Leave Your Code in Good Hands — Brittany Martin, the usual host of the Ruby on Rails Podcast, guested on the Maintainable podcast to discuss the mistakes developers make when discussing technical debt with stakeholders and why it is important to write automated tests against a live/production API.

Dan Benjamin and 5by5 Productions, LLC podcast

📘 Articles & Tutorials

Counting Things in Active Record — A comparison of the various methods for counting things: count, size, length, any?, empty?, present?. There are real implications for choosing one over the other.

Paweł Dąbrowski

How to Check Where a Method is Defined — A quick tip on how to find the method, its owner, and its location.

Axel Kee

The Arguments Forwarding Shorthand in Ruby 2.7 — A dive into the ... shorthand syntax accompanied by a method for manipulating arguments before forwarding to another class.

Mehdi Farsi

12 Years Ago We Released Our First Agent: The Ruby Agent — In celebration of more than a decade together we arranged a small gift for you: New Relic is free now. Yes, all of it.

New Relic sponsor

How I Set Up a Rails Application for Testing — ‘Rails Testing’ might as well be Jason’s middle name, so I was certainly interested to see his approach here. It’s nothing surprising (and I’m a Minitest guy anyway) but you might find it useful guidance.

Jason Swett

Re-Using SSH Config Inside Docker Containers with WSL2
Avdi Grimm

Using Signed URLs with Google Cloud Storage
J. Austin Hughey

💻 Jobs

Ruby on Rails Senior Software Engineer — We're seeking an experienced Ruby on Rails developer to be part of the CivicPlus team to help local governments work better.


Senior Software Engineer (React + Rails) [Remote] — A modern fleet management software, remote-first culture, passionate about creating delightful user experiences for thousands of customers.


Find Your Next Job Through Vettery — Create a profile on Vettery to connect with hiring managers at startups and Fortune 500 companies. It's free for job-seekers.


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🛠 Code and Tools

Fancy numbers.. but Humanize takes a different approach!

Humanize: A Library to Make Your Numbers More 'Fancy' — If by ‘fancy’ you mean turn into natural language versions, e.g. 15.humanize # => "fifteen" .. it supports 13 languages out of the box from English and Spanish to Azerbaijani and Vietnamese.

Ryan Bigg

Single Cov: Actionable Code Coverage — Catch coverage issues before making PRs or easily add coverage enforcement for legacy apps.

Michael Grosser

Seamlessly Integrate Video into Your Ruby App

Mux sponsor

Rodauth 2.5: Ruby's 'Most Advanced' Auth Framework — A authentication framework for any Rack-based webapp. Built with Roda and Sequel, Rodauth can be used with other frameworks and database libs. Here’s how it’s so advanced.

Jeremy Evans

jb: Simple, Fast JSON API Template Engine for Rails — An alternative way to render JSON documents from Rails apps.

Akira Matsuda

Re:VIEW 5.0: A Ruby Powered Flexible Document Format/Conversion System — Put images, stylesheets, and markup in.. and get numerous output formats (HTML, ePUB, PDF, etc.) back.

Kenshi Muto

BrowseEverything: Rails Engine Providing Access to Files in Cloud Storage

rubocop-rails_config: A RuboCop Config Matching Rails' Official Style

influxer: Use InfluxDB ActiveRecord-Style

sequel-activerecord_connection 1.0: Let Sequel Reuse An ActiveRecord Connection.

Tomo 1.4: A Friendly CLI for Deploying Rails Apps