#​555 — June 3, 2021

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😶 A curiously quiet week in Ruby land! We hope you're enjoying the weather where you are right now, especially as summer begins to rear its head in the northern hemisphere.. :-) Psst.. feel free to send in your submissions!
Peter Cooper and Glenn Goodrich

Ruby Weekly

YJIT: Building a New JIT Compiler Inside CRuby — Even if you can’t follow along with the technicalities, it’s reassuring to know a lot of work is still going into making Ruby (and Rails, as we featured last week) faster. YJIT is still in its ‘early stages’ but the speedups achieved already are encouraging.

Maxime Chevalier-Boisvert (Shopify)

Why is JRuby 'Slow?' — While the title feels clickbait-y and perhaps unfair out of context, the author goes deep into why JRuby seems slow while exploring use cases where the JVM might shine. It provoked some discussion on Hacker News, too.

Adam Gordon Bell

Redis 6.2 on RedisGreen — SSL encryption, key size tracking, memory mapping, online upgrades, and more.

RedisGreen sponsor

On the Diverse And Fantastical Shapes of Testing — Does your testing follow a pyramid, a honeycomb, or a trophy? How many unit tests vs integration vs other? Is mocking and stubbing OK? The testing world is certainly full of opinions and shapes.

Martin Fowler

Understanding RBS, Ruby's New(ish) Type Annotation System — It feels like RBS kind of stepped offstage for a bit, so good timing for a bookmarkable post going over its rationale with plenty of examples.

Julio Sampaio


  • EMEA on Rails is a Europe, Middle East and Africa-oriented event taking place entirely online next Wednesday (June 9). Check out the schedule of talks.

  • JetBrains has opened its early access program for the forthcoming RubyMine 2021.2. Ruby 3 RBS support is the headlining feature.

  • The Ruby Rogues podcast has celebrated its tenth birthday with its 500th episode. The Ruby on Rails Podcast is older, but I think Rogues holds the episode count crown.

  • We mentioned Stack Overflow's 2021 survey last week, but realized it would be neat to see Ruby suddenly jump up the language popularity charts.. 😄 if you agree, consider taking part. Last year Ruby was the 19th most loved language, but the 7th "most dreaded" - let's spin that round!

How I Organize My Rails Apps — You might think Rails takes care of all the structural concerns, but no, there’s a lot you might still want to consider.

Jason Swett

Full-text Search with Postgres and Action Text — Sean Doyle unlocks PostgreSQL’s full-text searching for the HTML-infused content of ActionText so you can have your WYSIWYG and search it, too.


Free eBook by Leigh Halliday: Efficient Search in Rails with Postgres

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Puma Graceful Restarts — There are a few ways to handle restarts with Puma, so understanding the trade-offs with each can keep your users from any downtime.

Josef Strzibny

Gracefully Handle API Response with Value Objects — A pleasant little refactoring example.

Paweł Dąbrowski

Rails 7 Allows Access to Nested Encrypted Secrets by Method Calls — Mmmm…syntactic sugar…

Rohit Joshi

🛠 Code and Tools

sidekiq-scheduler 3.1: Lightweight Job Scheduler Extension for Sidekiq — An extension for Sidekiq to push jobs in a scheduled cron-like fashion (something that also comes with Sidekiq’s Enterprise tier). This release importantly adds Ruby 3 and Sidekiq 6.2+ support.

Moove It

fast_excel: Ultra Fast Excel Writer for Ruby — When you need to create Excel files up to 3.5x faster than other gems out there.

Pavel Evstigneev

Discover the Best Tools for Developers — A free weekly email digest of the best tools and beta releases for developers.

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ChatterBot 2.2: A Twitter Bot Framework for Ruby — Want to create a witty or fun bot of some kind on Twitter? This provides some of the framework to let you build something fast.

Colin Mitchell

Hashdiff: Compute The Smallest Difference Between Two Hashes — Hashdiff uses an interesting approach to generate the instruction set required to transform one hash into the other in [action (+/-), key, value] format.

Fengyun Liu

pg_query: Parse, Deparse and Normalize SQL Queries with Postgres' Query Parser




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