#​578 — November 11, 2021

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✍️ RubyConf has been taking place in Colorado this week (yes, in person!) and it seems like there have been a lot of great talks - we look forward to featuring some of them in the coming weeks :-)
Peter Cooper, editor

Ruby Weekly

Ruby 3.1.0 Preview 1 Released — Given Ruby’s Christmas Day target for final releases, now is the perfect time to get a preview release out. Ruby 3.1 introduces the very recently merged YJIT in-process JIT compiler (Linux and macOS x86-64 only for now), as well as a new debugger option, the error_highlight gem, and more.

Yui Naruse

A 'No-Go' Fantasy: Writing Go in Ruby with Ruby Next — At Evil Martians, they like both Go and Ruby, but what about bringing them both together? Can you write Go that runs in Ruby? Sort of, and while this all seems a bit extreme to me, it’s a fun experiment and teaches a lot about the opportunities to extend Ruby by way of Ruby Next.

Kryukov and Turner

ButterCMS Melts into Your Ruby App. #1 Rated Headless CMS — ButterCMS is your content backend. Enable your marketing team to update website + app content without needing you. Try the #1 rated Headless CMS for Ruby today. Free for 30 days.

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How ruby_memcheck Finds Memory Leaks in Native Gems — The story of how Peter used Valgrind (a collection of profilers) to find a leak and then used this knowledge to create ruby_memcheck so we can all benefit from his experience.

Peter Zhu

JRuby 9.4 Aims to Support Ruby 3.0; Needs Your HelpJRuby 9.3, the latest version of the popular JVM-based Ruby implementation, came out in September with Ruby 2.6 compatibility, but for JRuby 9.4 they’re planning to leap right up to Ruby 3.0 compatibility! If you’re able to provide specs, verify compliance, test code, or even help implement features, they are keen for your help.

JRuby Team



Software Engineer, Ruby/Rails | Remote within MT (-3/+3 hours) | Full-Time — Build innovative telehealth and workflow tools for over 1.8 million clinicians (including 80% of all U.S. physicians).

Ruby on Rails (Backend - Brooklyn, NY or Remote - US Only) — Write meaningful code in a collaborative & flexible environment where you’ll learn new things. Mid $130-140k Sr. 150-160k.
String and Key

Find Ruby Jobs Through Hired — Create a profile on Hired to connect with hiring managers at growing startups and Fortune 500 companies. It's free for job-seekers.

📕 Articles & Tutorials

Ruby 3.1 Adds MatchData#match and MatchData#match_length — When you’ve performed a match with a regular expression, you could obtain parts of the match using the array-like [] access method. Ruby 3.1 (in preview now with the final release due in December) introduces a clearer, if more verbose, option.

Ashik Salman

Run Your Rails App on Kubernetes: A Step-by-Step Tutorial — A basic but thorough introduction to using Kubernetes for local development, including running transient jobs like migrations.

Geshan Manandhar (Honeybadger)

Everything You Need to Build Video for Your Ruby App — Easily build video or live streaming with Mux's API and developer-friendly docs.

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▶  Ruby on the Apple M1 Max and Things You Expect To Be Fine But Aren't — If, like me, you’ve recently picked up a M1-powered MacBook Pro, this may come in useful..

Remote Ruby podcast

Generic Types: Adding Math Puzzles To Your Code — OK, OK, Pat might be using Crystal here, but a) it has many parallels to Ruby, b) you might learn something about Crystal, and c) Pat is a great writer from the Ruby world who I enjoy whatever he’s writing about ;-)

Pat Shaughnessy

▶  Refactoring Techniques and Working with Large Codebases (with Dana Kashubeck) — Sometimes it’s about knowing when to refactor.

Code with Jason Podcast podcast

🛠 Code & Tools

What's New in Sidekiq 6.3 — If Rails can launch new versions at conferences, why not hugely popular background processing system Sidekiq? Mike unveiled Sidekiq 6.3 at RubyConf this week with a variety of small but useful enhancements.

Mike Perham

Noticed 1.5: Notifications for Rails Apps — Supports database, email, Action Cable, Twilio, Slack, and custom delivery methods. There’s a 12 minute screencast showing it off too.

Chris Oliver

Application Performance Monitoring Built for Developers, by Developers

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Measured: Encapsulate Measurements and Their Units — A library from Shopify for storing, manipulating and converting weights, lengths, and volumes in different units.


Phony: International Phone Number Normalizing and Formatting — For full, international E.164 standard numbers only.

Florian R. Hanke

Resque 2.2.0: The Redis-Backed Ruby Background Job Library

rubocop-rspec 2.6.0: Code Style Checking for RSpec Files
RuboCop Project