🇺🇦 #​609 — June 23, 2022

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Ruby Weekly

rstfilter: VS Code Extension to See Execution Results Line by Line — It’s always interesting to see a new tool from a Ruby core team member, and you might find this one useful if you’re a VS Code user and enjoy a bit of puts/p-style debugging! Reminds us of Quokka in the JavaScript space.

Koichi 'ko1' Sasada

RedisGreen: Secure, Scalable, Full-Featured Redis 7 Hosting — The latest Redis features, instrumented and scaled with the tools teams need as they grow.

RedisGreen sponsor

Rails' Discord Server Now Open to the Public — It’s been a long time since I’ve hung out online talking about Rails (remember how great Freenode was 2005-2008?) but if you’re interested in discussing the technicalities of contributing to Rails (or just lurking, I guess), there’s an official Discord server for the purpose. It’s not for general support though – if you need that, the Rails talk forum remains your best option.

Rafael Franca (Rails Team)

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📕 Articles & Tutorials

Scaling Rails WebSockets in Kubernetes with AnyCable — Vito explains how he switched from the standard ActionCable to AnyCable to improve the scalability of the WebSockets mechanism behind his app.

Vito Botta

▶  How to Build an Instagram Clone with Hotwire — A six-minute screencast showing off already written code for creating an Instagram style feature. I like these looks behind more complex examples rather than solely focusing on the bare basics.

Cezar Halmagean

U Up? Let People Know with Beautiful Status Pages from Honeybadger 😘 — We've added support for custom domains and branding on our public status pages - free on all current plans 🦡

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Why Ruby on Rails is Still a Good Choice in 2022 — More a selection of talking points, stats, and rebuttals to criticisms of Ruby than anything technical but a little cheerleading never hurt anyone.

Maja Nowak (Monterails)

State Machines in Ruby: A Simple Introduction — A bitesize example in plain Ruby before moving on to using the state_machines library for a less verbose, DSL-led approach.

Pulkit Goyal

Caught Out by fetch's Second Argument — A basic but easy overlooked tripping point to Hash#fetch one developer stumbled upon.

Domhnall Murphy

🛠 Code & Tools

HTTP.rb 5.1: The Fast Ruby HTTP Client — Cards on the table - I’m biased, HTTP is my personal Ruby HTTP gem of choice. 5.1 is the first release of 2022 and while it’s low on new features, it’s always good to see such fundamental libraries being maintained.

http.rb team

Motion 0.7: Pure Ruby Reactive Frontend UI Components for Rails — Uses ActionCable and ViewComponent to let you essentially write front-end logic but entirely on the Ruby backend. Check out the demos.

Unabridged Software

Webspicy: A Framework for Black Box Testing of Web Services — There’s a handy three-minute screencast showing it off. The basic idea is you write specifications in YAML to test inputs and outputs for HTTP-based APIs.

Enspirit SPRL

Don’t Let Your Issue Tracker Be a Four-Letter Word. Use Shortcut

Shortcut (formerly Clubhouse.io) sponsor

Avo 2.9: An Admin Panel/Dashboard System for Rails Apps — Powered by Hotwire. Commercial but the ‘source available’ version can be used for noncommercial purposes. We linked this not too long ago, but yesterday it attracted a lot of discussion over on Hacker News and its creator answered lots of questions.


xchan.rb: Send Ruby Objects Between Ruby Processes with UNIX Sockets — The processes need to have a parent-child relationship.



Sequent 5.0 – CQRS and event sourcing framework for Ruby.
RubyTree 2.0 – General purpose tree data structure. (2.0 changes.)
Ridgepole 1.1 – Rails database migrations as a general tool.
Redis::Objects 1.7 – Map Redis types directly to Ruby objects.
Gem in a Box 1.5 – Simple RubyGem hosting.
Classifier Reborn 2.3 – Bayesian and LSI classification.
pg 1.4 – The Ruby Postgres client.
OAuth2 2.0.1 – A Ruby wrapper for the OAuth 2.0 protocol.
Field Test 0.5.4 – A/B testing for Rails.
Tomo 1.12 – A friendly CLI for deploying Rails apps.
rodauth 2.25 – Advanced auth framework.
GoodJob 2.17 – Multithreaded, Postgres-based, ActiveJob backend.


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