#​646 — March 23, 2023

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Ruby Weekly

Parklife: Render a Rack App to a Static Build — Render a Rack app (Rails/Sinatra/etc) to a static site so it can be served by Netlify, Now, GitHub Pages, S3, or another static server. It can crawl your app following all links, or you can specify them yourself via a DSL.

Ben Pickles

📝 Ben has also written a blog post explaining the project.

How to Benchmark Your Ruby Gem — A look at the general approach to take an existing gem (most likely your own), measure its performance, improve that performance, and then eventually repeat that process.

John Nunemaker

Application Health Monitoring Doesn't Have to Be Complicated — That's why we built the monitoring tool we always wanted: a tool that's there when you need it, and gets out of your way when you don't– so you can keep coding. See why tens of thousands of developers choose to ship software with Honeybadger today.

Honeybadger sponsor

AnyCable Off Rails: Connecting Twilio Streams with Hanami — This tutorial creates a (non-Rails!) web app using Go and Hanami to transcribe a chat into text using Vosk and a load of other tools. There’s a great chance you’ll be exposed to something new here.

Evil Martians


📕 Tutorials, Articles, and Videos

Bitmap Matrix and Undirected Graphs in Ruby — Our favorite Ruby and Rails core team member is working through a book that challenged him to build an interference graph for doing register allocation via graph coloring. Fantastic, and if you ever follow in his footsteps, you may find this code useful.. 😁

Aaron 'tenderlove' Patterson

Progressive Application Development with Hotwire — If you like long, step-by-step tutorials that progressively(..) build something while teaching, then you will enjoy this one that focuses on an older concept with the latest tools.

Akshay Khot

Free eBook: Advanced Database Programming with Rails and Postgres — Learn about subqueries, materialized views, and custom data types in Postgres and Rails and follow along with our examples.

pganalyze sponsor

Comparing Adjacent Elements in Arrays — A look at two methods of comparing sequential elements in using some lesser-known enumerable methods. Zip these into your rotation?

Kallin Nagelberg

Basic Time-Series Data with Rails and Postgres — A good place to start if you are dealing with time-series data and aren’t ready to jump to something more dedicated.

Saad Syed (Census Engineering)

Programming Guitar Greatness — How would you model a system to play the guitar? Start simply and evolve the code until it comes together like a song about object orientation and groovy best practices.

Kevin Murphy

Fixed Price Monthly Code Maintenance and Upgrades for Rails Apps

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Modelling Business Logic with ECS? — Entity Component System (ECS) is an architectural pattern often used in game development, but Paweł wanted to experiment and see if the ideas could translate into a regular app too.

Paweł Świątkowski

How to Send Emails in Rails with Postmark — How to set up Action Mailer and Postmark to deliver transactional emails.

Josef Strzibny

A Basic Explanation of Using Elasticsearch
Ryan Bigg

🛠 Code & Tools

Invisible Ink: Keep Your Plain Text Secret in Plain Sight — Encrypt sensitive text information so it can be added to a repo or simply hidden from the wrong people: “It’s built on top of the feature that allows for encrypted credentials in Rails, but it’s application agnostic.”

Steve Polito

Ruby OpenAI 3.6: ChatGPT, Audio Transciption, DALL-E and More — While the canonical OpenAI client library seems to be in Python, Rubyists are well provided for with this library which provides API access to the wonders of ChatGPT, the audio transcription Whisper technology, and DALL-E image generation.

Alex X

💬 There's also a (very early) Ruby AI Builders Discord server if this area interests you.

Don’t Let Your Issue Tracker Be a Four-Letter Word. Use Shortcut

Shortcut (formerly Clubhouse.io) sponsor

Flipper 0.28: Fast, Simple Feature Flags for Ruby — If you want to have direct control over which users have access to which features in your app on a granular basis, this is for you.

John Nunemaker

Singed 0.2: Get a Flamegraph Anywhere in Your Code Base — Powered by stackprof (the call stack profiler), rbspy (the sampling CPU profiler), and speedscope (the flamegraph visualizer).



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