#​656 — June 1, 2023

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Ruby Weekly

Let's 'Standardize' Rails? An Experiment in Democracy — The keepers of standard-rails (a Rubocop configuration for Rails) had a RailsConf session where they let attendees vote on how to configure various Rails ‘cops’ to come up with a ‘standard’ approach. The approach is novel, and the output is, well… you can test it for yourself.

Meagan Waller, Justin Searls (testdouble)

A Way to Stay Up to Date with New Ruby Features — Step one is, obviously, keep reading Ruby Weekly ;-) In terms of making things stick, however, you have more work to do, and Lucian suggests a way to use the Ruby Changes site to pick a new feature and begin using it in your code.

Lucian Ghinda

Fixed Price Monthly Code Maintenance for Rails Apps — No time to do those small but critical updates? CodeCare takes care of necessary tweaks, bug fixes, upgrades, deployment management, security patches and ongoing improvements to your app.

reinteractive Pty Ltd sponsor

RubyKaigi 2023: Matsumoto Edition — We enjoyed Justin Searls’ detailed field report from RubyKaigi, but here’s another, higher level take on the broad themes covered touching briefly on ractors, Ruby 3.3, parsing, and Ruby reaching the ripe age of 30.

Nathan Willson (Fly)

📕 Tutorials, Articles, and Videos

How to Use Sinatra to Build a Ruby App — Sinatra is so simple that it rarely pops up in tutorials, but as Rails’ “lesser-known but powerful cousin” it forms the basis for many a Ruby webapp and directly inspired Express.js in the Node world.

Aestimo Kirina (AppSignal)

Implementing Application Layer Encryption (ALE) in Rails Apps with Asherah — A detailed writeup of how GoDaddy uses Asherah (an app encryption SDK with Ruby bindings) to protect sensitive data end-to-end.

Dalibor Nasevic (GoDaddy)

Avoid Putting Logic in map Blocks — Try and move logic into the items being iterated over, suggests Joël.

Joël Quenneville

Companies Spend 4.5 Trillion Dollars on IT Annually — Find out how they’re building internal tools to increase developer productivity & impact. Explore Retool’s 2023 State of Internal Tools report.

Retool sponsor

Why I Am Building a Rails SaaS Template — There are a few players in this space now such as Jumpstart, Avo and Bullet Train – do we need another? Yes, says Josef, as he shows off Business Class.

Josef Strzibny

Really Don’t Interpolate Strings into Active Record Methods — Good old fashioned anti SQL injection advice.

Andy Croll

Contact Forms with Hanami View — Hanami continues to add features and now sports a much more robust view layer in version 2.1.

Seb Wilgosz (Hanami Mastery)

How to Extract the Sample Rate of an Audio File with Audio Analyzer in Rails 7.1
Gowsik Vivekanandan

Unlocking the Power of Lambdas in Ruby

🛠 Code & Tools

Ruby on Jets 4.0: A Ruby Serverless Framework — Jets maps your code to Lambda functions and API Gateway resources and provides everything needed to write and deploy Ruby-based serverless functions to AWS Lambda. GitHub repo.

Tung Nguyen

will_paginate 4.0: A Pagination Library for Rails, Sinatra, and More4.0.0 is only a minor bump but gets a major version number as DataMapper and Merb integrations have been dropped due to lack of use. Rails 7 is also now better tested against.

Mislav Marohnić

Get All the Monitoring Your Ruby App Needs in 5 Mins…Starting at Free? 🤩 — Know the moment a critical error occurs, who is affected, fix it quickly, amaze everyone, take a bow. Get started today.

Honeybadger sponsor

ActiveMedian 0.4: Median and Percentiles for Active Record and More — As well as AR, it can work with Mongoid, arrays, and hashes. With AR it uses SQL for extra efficiency.

Andrew Kane

rubocop-factory_bot: Code Style Checking for factory_bot Files — This, along with rubocop-capybara, isn’t exactly new, but has been extracted and separated from rubocop-rspec, so may be of particular interest to Minitest users.

RuboCop Headquarters

Active Record Doctor: Identify Database Issues Before They Hit Production — Index unindexed foreign keys, detect extraneous indexes, detect missing constraints, and a lot more.

Greg Navis

Yake 1.0: A DSL for Writing AWS Lambda Handlers Rake-Style — It also includes the ability to write Sinatra style routes and feels like an idiomatically Ruby-ish way to work with AWS Lambda.

Alexander Mancevice


Looking for Senior Ruby Engineers (Remote - Europe) — Booqable prides itself on being a global company with team members working together from across the world. We are remote-first, so you can join us from wherever you are.

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