#​659 — June 22, 2023

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Ruby Weekly

Lamby 5.0: A Rails & AWS Lambda Integration for Rack — Ken is the most optimistic person I know when it comes to running Ruby and Rails apps on Lambda, and Lamby is the culmination of his knowledge on the topic. As part of v5, there’s now Lambda Console, a CLI tool to run shell commands or interact with a Lambda-based app, including getting into a facsimile of the Rails console (here's some background on how that works).

Ken Collins (Custom Ink)

Remember that AWS Lambda natively supports Ruby 3.2 now, too..

▶  Ruby Video: A Repository of 700+ Ruby Talks — Inspired by pyvideo.org, a popular Python video site, Ruby Video brings together over 700 videos from hundreds of speakers and you’re encouraged to contribute your own too.

Adrien Poly et al.

Application Health Monitoring Doesn't Have to Be Complicated — That's why we built the monitoring tool we always wanted: a tool that's there when you need it, and gets out of your way when you don't– so you can keep coding. See why tens of thousands of developers choose to ship software with Honeybadger today.

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🔨  Tips for Writing Tasks with Thor (Instead of Rake) — If you have one-off bits of code to run within the context of your app, but not as part of its usual lifecycle, ‘tasks’ provide a solution. Rake is the classic Ruby task runner, but Thor offers an attractive alternative.

Matt Brictson

An Interview with Michael Grosser — Michael is a tech lead at Zendesk and the author of numerous gems like Single Cov and Parallel. He explains how he got into programming and open source, shares some details about his libraries, and tells us who a few of his favorite Rubyists are.

Allison Pike

📕 Tutorials, Articles, and Videos

Inspecting #inspect — The inspect method is available on all descendants of Object and provides a way to get a human-readable representation of said objects, but you can override it to make it more useful.

Louis Antonopoulos and Steve Polito

A High Level Look at Design Patterns for Rails — A breeze through a handful of common design patterns and how they present themselves within a Ruby app. Little here is Rails specific, but it may be useful if you’re not experienced with design patterns and need to distinguish your interactors from your observers.

Paweł Dąbrowski

🔓 Is Your Rails App Exposed? Find Out with a Security Audit — Let @FastRubyIO find known vulnerabilities, exploitable code, and insecure misconfigurations in less than a week.

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A Rails Console Deep Dive — Some tips and tricks to help you get the most from the Rails console, including using Rails.application.credentials, using helpers, and starting a console in a sandbox environment where all changes get rolled back when you exit.

Cody Norman

An Intro to Propshaft: A New Asset Pipeline for Rails — Well.. new-ish, we first featured DHH’s introduction to it early last year :-) Enabled by import maps and HTTP/2, Propshaft offers a modern and lighter alternative to Sprockets.

Julie Kent

Automatically Maintaining Homebrew Formulas using GitHub Actions — Did you know the formulas for the Homebrew package manager are just Ruby scripts?

Simon Willison

Enhancing Data Reliability Through Transactional Offsets with Karafka — A detailed tutorial for existing Kafka and Karafka users. Karafka is a multi-threaded Kafka framework for Ruby with a built-in Web UI, parallel processing support, and all the trimmings.

Maciej Mensfeld

🛠 Code & Tools

Ruby Graph Library (RGL) — A Boost-inspired framework for working with graph data structures and algorithms in Ruby, including various sorting and traversal approaches, and the ability to render graphs graphically.

Horst Duchêne

pg_easy_replicate: Switch Postgres Databases with Minimal Downtime — A Ruby-powered orchestrator to simplify the task of setting up logical replication between two Postgres databases then letting you switch over to the newer one with minimal downtime.

Shayon Mukherjee

Revolutionize User Engagement with a Notification Inbox: Ruby SDK — A notification center inside your app ensures management of preferences and messages. Users connect with what's important.

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MessageBus: A Reliable and Robust Messaging Bus for Ruby and Rack — Extracted from the Discourse forum codebase, MessageBus implements both a server-to-server channel based protocol and server-to-client protocol (using polling, long-polling or long-polling + streaming).

Sam Saffron

🤖  Eyeloupe: An AI-Powered Rails Debugging Assistant — Add the Eyeloupe engine to your app and get access to an interface for digging into your exceptions, complete with LLM-generated explanations. As with most of these things, you need your own OpenAI API key.

Alexandre Lion


Find Ruby Jobs with Hired — Hired makes job hunting easy-instead of chasing recruiters, companies approach you with salary details up front. Create a free profile now.

🎁 Surprise bonus item

As it's a quieter than usual week, I wanted to include something cool I saw recently: a new monospace font from Intel!

Designed by Frere-Jones Type, Intel One Mono is an attempt to provide a monospaced font to decrease developer eye fatigue and, ultimately, reduce coding errors. It's open source and ready to roll in OTF, TTF, WOFF and WOFF2 formats.