#​663 — July 20, 2023

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Shale 1.0: Object Mapper and Serializer for Text Formats — A library for converting JSON, YAML, TOML, CSV and XML into Ruby data structures and back again. v1.0 formally adds Ruby 3.2 support and ties up a variety of loose ends. The homepage features lots of interactive examples that are worth checking out.

Kamil Giszczak

Active Admin 3.0: Administration Framework for Rails — A (very) long standing Rails plugin for generating admin interfaces. GitHub repo.

Greg Bell and VersaPay Corporation

💡 Thoughtbot's Administrate has also had a release this week. It takes a simpler, more modular, no DSL approach, if you'd prefer that.

Exceptional Error Reporting for Rails Exceptions — If you want insights into your application's exceptions but don't have time to invest in adding verbose logic to your code, we've got your back. AppSignal added support for the Rails error reporter!

AppSignal sponsor

Where to Promote Your Ruby Posts and Articles — Our friend over at the Short Ruby newsletter shares a variety of suggestions on how to get your Ruby content seen. (For us, just hit Reply to any issue and someone will see it :-))

Lucian Ghinda

📕 We're one step closer to the next edition of the Pickaxe (a.k.a. Programming Ruby 3.2). Author Noel Rappin has turned in the production-ready draft with final publication expected in September. You can pick up a beta version from the Prag Progs now.

📝 Faraday is a fantastic, popular HTTP client library for Ruby and it now has a fantastic new docs site too. Lots to enjoy here.

📅 Tickets are now available for Sin City Ruby 2023, a Ruby event taking place in Las Vegas next March. It may be the only Ruby conference to lean heavily on Comic Sans.

📅 If Switzerland is more your kind of destination, tickets are now available for Helvetic Ruby 2023 too. It's in Bern this November.

📅 RubyConfTH has long had a cardboard cutout of Matz in attendance, but this year he's going to the event for real. It's this October in Bangkok.

📕 Tutorials, Articles, and Videos

How to Implement Rails-like Views in Ruby — Akshay continues his series on building a web app without Rails by reproducing how a view is rendered along with the instance variables of the controller action, building upon last week’s look at building controllers.

Akshay Khot

Seeding a Database (Quickly) with the Faker Gem — Using the long standing Faker library to create dummy data is a no-brainer, but Harrison goes further with a tip on making the database seeding process a lot faster and how to break things down by environment.

Harrison Broadbent

How to Delegate Methods in Ruby — Covers three ways to do so: explicitly, with Forwardable, and with Rails’ ActiveSupport::Delegate

Jeff Morhous

How to Build a Web App in 60 Seconds Using AI — Dynaboard's low-code IDE offers 40+ built-in UI components & easy DB connections. Use AI to generate any SQL, JS & CSS.

Dynaboard sponsor

Building Value Objects in Rails with composed_ofcomposed_of creates reader and writer methods for manipulating a specified value object.

Steve Polito

Beware of <%== in Your ERB Files — When a typo becomes a back door. In Rails, anyway.

Andy Croll

Structs Explained — An entry level explanation and comparison with some alternatives. Data is also worth considering on Ruby 3.2+.

Paweł Dąbrowski

Making Sorbet Compatible with Ruby 3.2
Emily Samp (Shopify)

Running SASS and Tailwind Side by Side in Rails
Josef Strzibny

Safeguarding from Deprecation Regressions During a Rails Upgrade
Ariel Juodziukynas

🛠 Code & Tools

Business Class 1.0: A New (Commercial) Rails SaaS Template — Yes, it costs money, but you get a lot out of the box. In true Ruby style, Josef has created a screencast to show it off. There are a few players in this space now, including Bullet Train and Avo. Josef explained the motivation for creating another option in this post.

Josef Strzibny

Bridgetown 1.3: The Ruby Progressive Site Generator — The so called ‘islands architecture’, whereby only the JavaScript needed for interactive elements on the current page is sent over the wire, was popularized by Astro in the JavaScript space, but has now made it into Ruby’s Bridgetown too.

Jared White

Fixed Price Monthly Code Maintenance for Rails Apps — No time to do those small but critical updates and features? CodeCare will take care of necessary tweaks, bug fixes, upgrades and ongoing improvements for your app.

Reinteractive / CodeCare sponsor

Circuitbox 2.0: Circuit Breaker Protection Library — The idea is that you wrap calls to external services in a circuit breaker and if enough failures occur, the circuit breaks and you can more gracefully degrade the service.


minitest-focus 1.4: Focus on the Tests You're Working On — Gives you a focus class method to specify that a specific test should run on the next test run, rather than all of them. Ideal for while you’re working on tests and don’t need the whole suite to execute.

Ryan Davis

Mergration: Convert Mermaid ER Diagrams to MigrationsMermaid is a fantastic tool for creating diagrams (ERDs, etc.) from Markdown, but this gem goes a step further by generating migration files from schemas written in Mermaid, meaning you could keep your docs in sync with your models.

Seiya Miyata

Truemail: Framework Agnostic Email Verification — Verify email addresses by way of regexes, DNS, SMTP and more.

Vladislav Trotsenko


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