#​674 — October 19, 2023

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Ruby Weekly

Passwordless 1.0: Magic Link Auth for Rails Apps — A system to add password-free ‘magic link’ style authentication to your Rails apps. “This major release .. changes a lot of things and it is almost guaranteed that you will need to change your code to upgrade to this version.” Luckily, there’s an upgrade guide.

Mikkel Malmberg

The State of Ruby HTTP Clients in 2023 — The creator of httpx does an extensive survey of the world of Ruby HTTP client libraries, compares their functionality, and concludes that (unsurprisingly?) his is best. Nonetheless, this is a very thorough comparison and worth a look. If you’re short for time, the feature comparison table is what you need.

Tiago Honeyryder

Ruvy: A Ruby to WebAssembly Toolchain — Built on top of ruby.wasm, Ruvy is a toolchain that takes Ruby code and creates WebAssembly modules to execute it. This makes it easier to distribute a Ruby program in a way that WASM runtimes (such as Wasmtime) can use.

Jeff Charles (Shopify)


Ruby Methods with a (*) Signature — Did you know that def method_name(*) is valid code? If not, this is for you – it’s been valid since Ruby 2.7.

Stack Overflow

The Postgres Goodies in Rails 7.1 — There are lots of new features on offer for Postgres users, including async queries, composite primary keys, native support for CTEs, unlogged tables, and syntax normalization.

Christopher Winslett (Crunchy Data)

Ruby 3.3 Introduces Range overlap? Method — Another Rails method makes it to core (in slightly renamed form) causing the two to…ahem…overlap a bit more…?

Alkesh Ghorpade

Why Is It Sooooo Hard for People to Work Together? — Most software problems are people problems. We help bring people together to solve tough problems. Find out more.

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Using Rails with SES, SNS and SQS to Avoid High Bounce Rates
Khash Sajadi

Better Ways to Customize and Abbreviate number_to_human
Andy Croll

Understanding the Instrumentation API in Rails
Akshay Khot

Length, Size, and Count: When to Use Which?
Akshay Khot

🛠 Code & Tools

JRuby Released — The latest version of the JVM-oriented Ruby implementation that targets compatibility with Ruby 3.1. Along with the usual bug fixes, Windows on ARM is now fully supported and Java 21 compatibility (including support for vthread fibers) is now baked in.

The JRuby Team

Barley: A Simple and Fast ActiveModel JSON Serializer — ‘Cereal’-ize (get it?) your ActiveModel objects into flat hashes with a versatile DSL, and with caching baked in. The latest version adds a type-checking option to your attributes.

Cédric Delalande

Never Stop Learning and Work #LikeABosch — At Bosch, you always keep growing. Upskill yourself into countless new roles, positions and opportunities. Learn more.

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How to Configure Rails and Rack::Attack to Use the Real Client IP When Running Behind Cloudflare — A welcome GitHub Gist because while I don’t have this particular problem, I’ve wasted many hours on reverse proxy IP passing issues myself.. 😅

Paul Mucur

Montrose 0.16: A Library for Defining Recurring Events — Provides a composable way to model recurring events. For example, give me every Monday and Thursday of every week between two dates.

Ross Kaffenberger


Find Ruby Jobs with Hired — Hired makes job hunting easy-instead of chasing recruiters, companies approach you with salary details up front. Create a free profile now.

JSONb Accessor: Typed jsonb Backed Fields for ActiveRecord Models — This gem goes beyond mere accessors and includes generic scopes for querying JSONB columns, single-table inheritance support, and more.