#​678 — November 16, 2023

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Ruby Weekly

Ruby 3.3.0 Preview 3 Released — With just 39 days till Christmas and Ruby 3.3, it’s time for another preview release. 3.3.0-preview3 retains all the prior 3.3 improvements like those to YJIT performance, but also introduces the M:N thread scheduler and the Prism Ruby parser (formerly YARP).

Yui Naruse

YJIT is the Most Memory-Efficient Ruby JIT — Shopify’s tireless work on YJIT has paid off in many ways, including a ~15% speed-up for their storefronts. The team’s methodology on benchmarks, however, goes beyond performance to warm-up time and memory (RSS) size. All in all, YJIT is shaping up to be what we hoped it would be: a great boost to Ruby and Rails development.

Maxime Chevalier-Boisvert (Shopify)

⚡️ YJIT is so good, in fact, that Rails will enable it by default on Ruby 3.3+.

AppSignal Has Levelled up — When bits hit the fan, you need a reliable APM by your side. With AppSignal, you get a 360° overview of your app, and our latest improvements will help you identify issues even faster.

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“Useless Ruby Sugar”: Keyword Argument and Hash Values Omission — Victor’s tour through modern Ruby syntax continues with a look at the ability to implicitly pass values by virtue of using keyword argument names the same as the values’ variables, e.g. my_func(name:, age:), in Ruby 3.1+.

Victor Shepelev

📕 Articles & Tutorials

How GitHub Actions Can Turn Your Code Into a Docker Daemon — Explains how to have Github Actions automatically build containers and tag versions when the tests pass in CI for a simple Ruby command-line app.

Andrew Coleman

The Future of Rails Test Data Management...?test_data provides an alternative ‘novel, unconventional approach’ to managing your Rails app’s test data by way of a fourth test_data Rails environment. It’s an interesting idea, but even more interesting is that Justin wants to hand the project over to someone else immediately.. could it be you?

Justin Searls

Fixed Price Monthly Code Maintenance for Rails Apps — Starting from 10 hours per month, CodeCare will take care of necessary patches, bug fixes, upgrades and ongoing improvements for your app.

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RailsCasts Retrospective Part 2: The Fire — The creator of RailsCasts (a pioneering screencast/educational site in the late 00s) began a series of posts telling the RailsCasts story earlier this year. Now Ryan’s back explaining how it rapidly became popular and turned into a full-time job when it gained 2600 paying subscribers within a month.

Ryan Bates

Gem Credentials Management with Gemstash — For when you might need to manage credentials to access private or commercial gems as a team.

Petr Hlavicka

How to Customize Rails Validation Errors to Remove Leading Attribute Column Names
Akshay Khot

How to Handle Incoming Webhooks with LiteJob for Rails
Julian Rubisch

Fan-out Sidekiq Jobs to Manage Large Workloads
David Bryant Copeland

🛠 Code & Tools

RAILSG: A Ruby on Rails Command Builder — Very handy. It’s a collection of reference guides and command builders for the various generator commands available in Rails. For example, let’s say you want to run a benchmark on your app – RAILSG provides the docs and a way to tweak the command to your needs without any command line guesswork.

Harrison Broadbent

Seedie 0.4: Generate Realistic Seed Data for ActiveRecord Models — Seedie’s USP is that it uses the Faker gem and a YAML file to seed your database with ‘real-ish’ data for you so you don’t have to manage a giant seeds.rb. v0.4.0 adds has_and_belongs_to_many support.

Keshav Biswa

Need to Upgrade Ruby or Rails — But on a Tight Budget? We Can HelpFastRuby.io offers fixed-cost, upgrade services starting at $2,000/month. Start your upgrade next week 🚀

🌳 Bonsai by FastRuby.io sponsor

Preventing Bugs in Ruby: Some Tools of the Trade“This is an opinionated list of tools that I have found useful, placed here for easy reference and shared in the hope that others will find it useful.”

Radan Skorić

  • Grape 2.0 – Long standing opinionated framework for creating REST-like APIs – now with Rails 7.1 support.

  • Ruby-OpenAI 6.2 – Use OpenAI's APIs from Ruby – now supporting their new text-to-speech features.

  • Business Class 1.2 – Josef Strzibny's (paid) Rails SaaS 'starter kit'. It's not free, but he has a Black Friday deal on, at least.

  • Pagy 6.2 – The popular generic pagination gem.

  • Slim 5.2 – The minimalistic template language.

  • Torch.rb 0.14 – Deep learning for Ruby.

  • Rails 7.1.2, Kamal 1.2, and RubyGems 3.3.27


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