#​680 — November 30, 2023

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Ruby Weekly

How To Build Desktop Applications in Ruby — A bumper packed repo filled with materials related to Andy’s recent RubyConf workshop on building desktop apps using Glimmer DSL for LibUI. No video, but all the code is here along with the presentation slides.

Andy Maleh

Turbo 8 in 8 Minutes — Turbo 8 with its auto-updating, page-morphing refresh capabilities is currently all the rage in Rails land. This post shows how easy it is to make it work for whole pages, objects, or collections. Is Brad a fan? “Turbo 8 is amazing. I haven’t been this excited about web development since Rails first hit the scene.” I’d say so.

Brad Gessler (Fly)

Fixed Price Monthly Code Maintenance for Rails Apps — Versions falling behind or legacy app in maintenance mode? Starting from 10 hours per month, CodeCare will take care of necessary patches, bug fixes, upgrades and ongoing improvements for your app.

reinteractive/CodeCare sponsor

Rage: An HTTP API Framework Compatible with Rails — There are plenty of ‘alternative’ Ruby webapp or HTTP API frameworks or libraries (think Sinatra, Roda, Grape, or Hanami, to start) with compelling features, but ‘Rails compatibility’ is a new one to us. The difference, however, is a specific focus on performance, acting as a backend API only, and running every request in a separate fiber.

Roman Samoilov

📕 Articles & Tutorials

Ruby HTML Sanitization with Loofah — If you need to sanitize HTML outside of Rails or want more control over what is sanitized, Loofah is a neat option. You can use their HTML ‘scrubber’ as is, or create custom scrubbers or combine them.

Stefanni Brasil (thoughtbot)

The Rails Executor: Increasingly Everywhere — The creator of the GoodJob Active Job backend explains the Rails Executor, a bridge between Rails as a framework and your app code.

Ben Sheldon

Boosting Query Performance with Incremental Materialized Views! — Plug Epsio into your database and boost performance of your most complex queries. It constantly updates query results whenever the underlying data changes, without recalculating.

Epsio sponsor

Database View Backed Scopes in Rails — How do you manage queries when your Rails apps isn’t the only thing reading your database?

Steve Polito

Keeping Money Code Maintainable with money-railsmoney is a library for abstracting money and currency related operations.

Pulkit Goyal

Rails 7.1's Introduction of Default Dockerfiles
Prasanth Chaduvula

Adding 'Sign in with Apple' to a Rails 7.1 App
Matt Lins

🛠 Code & Tools

Strings::Case: Convert Strings Between Different Cases — For when you want a little more than upcase, downcase and capitalize. This library supports the so-called camel case, const case, Pascal case, snake case, and more.

Piotr Murach

Rails Footnotes: Display Debugging Notes in Your App — Displays footnotes (which can include links to open files in your editor) for easier debugging – think sessions, request params, cookies, etc.

André Arko

Need to Upgrade Ruby on a Tight Budget? FastRuby.io Can Help 🚀 — Join the waitlist to our fixed-cost, major upgrades service. Leverage our team who has invested 30,000hrs on upgrades.

Ruby Upgrades on Autopilot sponsor

PgHero 3.4: A Performance Dashboard for Postgres — A dashboard built as a Rails engine to look at basic performance stats including live queries, maintenance status, and connections. v3.4 adds support for explaining normalized queries in Postgres 16.

Andrew Kane


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