#​693 — March 7, 2024

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Ruby Weekly

A Cookbook of Ruby One-Liners — Ruby is a fantastic language for one-liners, whether in IRB or from the command line. We’ve linked to this cookbook before but it continues to prove very useful and Sundeep has released a new version of it, along with PDF/EPUB builds, and ▶️ a video explaining the project.

Sundeep Agarwal

Better Know a Ruby Thing: Keyword Arguments — Noel continues a series digging deep into specific Ruby features with a look at keyword arguments, from the basics through to fun stuff like using **nil to prevent keyword arguments being passed to a method and a cute way to let a method accept keyword or positional arguments.

Noel Rappin

Your Rails App – Protected by Rails LTS — Rails LTS is the game changer for older Rails applications. Get extended support for old Ruby on Rails versions, Gem replacement, compatibility with modern Ruby versions – and above all: peace of mind knowing your app is secure.

Rails LTS by makandra sponsor

⚠️ RubySec's Advisory Archive — A valuable resource highlighting advisories of security vulnerabilities that affect the Ruby ecosystem. These are rather plentiful, so an Atom feed is available if you want to be notified ASAP.


📕 Articles & Tutorials

▶  I Learnt Rails Turbo from a Developer at 37signals..And you can too! 😅 I love how Kelvin’s YouTube channel focuses on learning from folks actually using a technology on a daily basis, and this is no exception, with 37signals’ Jorge Manrubia showing off the potential of Turbo for building modern, dynamic webapps without having to write much JavaScript at all.

Kelvin Omereshone

If video isn't your thing, the HotRails Turbo Rails Tutorial is a great onramp, too.

How to Deploy a Rails App to RenderRender being a hosting platform that might give you Heroku vibes, but somewhat more modern.

Jeffrey Morhous

🌳 Need to Upgrade Rails on a Tight Budget? Try Bonsai by FastRuby — Starting at $2,000/month, Bonsai is the cost-effective way to gradually upgrade your Ruby and Rails versions 🚀

Bonsai by FastRuby.io sponsor

How the Ruby Interpreter Creates Methods on the Fly — A little metatprogramming to find where Ruby stores methods defined on specific object instances.

Matthew O'Donnell

An In-Depth look at Action Mailbox — If you’d like to allow users to interact with your Rails app via email, Action Mailbox provides a way to route incoming emails to ‘controller-like mailboxes’ for further processing.

Cody Norman

Rails link_to and Nested Data Attributes — Easier to read approaches to nested data attributes for Turbo and Strada when creating anchor tags in Rails.

Joe Masilotti

How We Migrated from Sidekiq to Solid Queue
Chirag Shah

The Simplest Turbo Frame Example
David Boureau

🛠 Code & Tools

Debugbar for Rails — Inspired by similar tools used by other frameworks (or even just the browser devtools), Debugbar adds an area to the bottom of your Rails app’s views (in dev only) that shows off queries, jobs, request details, and more. GitHub repo.

Julien Bourdeau

The Feature Flag Tool We Wanted When We Were in Your Shoes — (And you gotta see the Vim & VS Code integrations.)

Prefab sponsor

Async 2.9: An Awesome Asynchronous Event-driven Reactor for Ruby — If you want an event loop for concurrency, async is for you – here’s a getting started guide. v2.9 introduces Scheduler#load and Async::Idler for load shedding and saturation.

Samuel Williams et al.

Just the Docs: A Jekyll Theme for Documentation Sites — It’s only tangentially Ruby related (but hey, it is for Jekyll) but when I encountered some sites using this theme I knew I had to share it. It’s clean and simple and makes a lot of good design decisions for you out of the box.

Patrick Marsceill

🇬🇧 The British Government's Lightweight Rails Components — The UK government’s official site is a true jewel in the crown, enabling citizens to manage benefits, tax their cars, and the like, and one of increasingly few things they've failed to screw up in recent years. It’s mostly built on Ruby and Rails.


  • Premailer 1.23 – Inline CSS into HTML email. (We use this for Ruby Weekly!)

  • Sequel 5.78 – Popular database toolkit. Now supports SQLite 3.45+ JSONB functions in sqlite_json_ops.

  • ActiveType 2.5 – Make any Ruby object 'quack like ActiveRecord.'

  • re2 2.9 – Ruby bindings to RE2's safer regexes.

  • Polars Ruby 0.9 – Fast DataFrames for Ruby.

  • ruby-pg 1.5.6 – The Ruby Postgres client.