#​702 — May 9, 2024

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Ruby Weekly

Thinking About Typing in Ruby in 2024 — A prolific developer reflects upon his recent experiences with Ruby 3’s support for explicit typing, by way of RBS, after some historical experience with Sorbet. He had a reasonable experience, but fears RBS may remain an avant garde add-on like Ractors rather than a part of the mainstream Ruby experience.

Brandur Leach

IRB Adding Support for Easily Extending Its Functionality — The interactive IRB REPL has long been at the heart of the Ruby development experience, but it’s not the easiest of tools to extend. No fear, from v1.13.0 on, IRB is providing new APIs for libraries to customize and enhance it. (The Rails console is already getting prepared.)

Stan Lo et al.

Inexpensive and Efficient: Get Your Ruby & Rails Upgrade Done — Don’t let the risk of out of date Ruby & Rails versions become a problem. Talk to us about our free security assessment & we can discuss how our incremental upgrade service - CodeCare Shield - can improve the speed, security & stability of your app.

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A New Era for Ruby Central EventsRailsConf 2024 concludes today, and if you want to influence where it might be next year, fill out this form. RailsConf 2025 is going to be significant, too, as it will be the final RailsConf. Don’t worry, RubyConf will be even bigger and better in turn.

Ruby Central

😏 It may not shock you that DHH has some thoughts on the end of RailsConf. The baton has been passed to Rails World, he suggests.

☑️ Take the Ruby on Rails Community Survey 2024 — Every two years, Planet Argon has run this well received survey (here are the results from 2022) so, if you’re willing and able, it’s time to take it again 😅

Planet Argon

📄 Articles, Tutorials & Videos

📕 Ruby Science Updated for Ruby 3.2.2 and Rails 7 — A decade ago, Thoughtbot released the Ruby Science book containing solutions to common code smells. They’ve recently made it more accessible and updated it for the latest versions of Ruby and Rails.


Running Thruster with Rails and Kamal — Josef recently installed Thruster (a new zero config proxy from 37signals) and found it be “surprisingly easy” — here’s how to add it to an existing Rails project deployed with Kamal.

Josef Strzibny

A Developer’s Guide to Request Queue Time — Learn everything you need to know about the key metric for your web server's health.

Judoscale sponsor

Debugging in Ruby with pry-byebug — A gem that adds debugging and stack navigation to Pry using Byebug.

Thomas Riboulet

Working with Resourceful Routes in Rails — Outlining just what a resource is, the routes a resource generates, and how resourceful routing can provide organizational structure to your Rails apps.

Akshay Khot

📺 A Few Ruby and Rails Tips and Tricks – In just 10 minutes. David Kimura

📄 Running Solid Queue in Production Rails Apps Jeffery Morhous

📄 A Short Guide to GitHub's Keyboard Shortcuts Sara Verdi

🛠 Code & Tools

Cyperful: An Interactive System Testing UI for Capybara — One developer’s side project to offer a Cypress-like experience, but for Ruby developers. You can visualize assertions/commands as they happen, view all API requests, errors, and logs in the timeline, pause/continue on any step, rewind through history, etc. Still considered early and a work in progress — so its creator is seeking feedback.


Observable Systems with Wide Events — We designed Honeybadger Insights around wide events. What are wide events, and how can you use them to monitor your Rails applications?

Honeybadger Insights sponsor

ruby_memcheck 3.0: Find and Debug Memory Issues in Native Gems — Use Valgrind memcheck on your native gem (it’s no use for plain Ruby libraries) to dig into memory related issues.

Peter Zhu / Shopify

📕 gepub: EPUB Parser and Generator Library — EPUB is a popular e-book file format that’s basically a ZIP file of XML files. This lets you work with such files from Ruby.

Satoshi KOJIMA

Safely: Rescue and Report Exceptions in Non-Critical Code — The idea here is that while you may want to know about failures and exceptions, they don’t necessarily need to result in crashing out.

Andrew Kane

Authie: Database-Backed User Sessions for Rails — Makes it easier to invalidate sessions from afar without making changes to cookies or to see who is currently logged in.

Adam Cooke

⚙️ Clearance – Thoughtbot's email/password-based auth system for Rails. Thoughtbot

⚙️ Timezone – Accurate current and historical timezones for Ruby. Panayiotis Thomakos

⚙️ Geocoder – A complete Ruby geocoding solution. Alex Reisner

⚙️ RSpotify – Ruby wrapper for the Spotify Web API. GuilhermeSad

⚙️ Gollum – Git-powered wiki system. Preston-Werner, Olson, Ometto, and Kamphorst

🎁 And one for fun..

Visualizing Wave Function Collapse with Ruby — I don’t know exactly what I’m looking at here, but it’s pretty. It’s an attempt to use an idea from quantum mechanics to create maps. Gosu provides the visual support.

Usewicz and Cyberarm