#​710 — July 4, 2024

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Ruby Weekly

Discovering an 'Old' Syntax Feature History — Victor continues his investigations into various aspects of Ruby’s features by digging into something he hadn’t noticed had made it into the language some 15 years ago: the ability to have mandatory arguments after optional arguments. I hadn’t noticed this either!

Victor Shepelev

JRuby's Independence Day: Red Hat Ceases Funding — The JVM-based JRuby is easily the most successful and feature-complete alternative Ruby implementation and has received much support from Red Hat over the years. Times are changing as co-maintainer Charles Nutter is leaving Red Hat and needs your support to keep the project healthy.

Charles Oliver Nutter

🚨 Running EOLed Versions of Ruby and Rails in Production? — Need to pay down tech debt on a budget? FastRuby.io’s maintenance services offer a cost-effective solution on a monthly basis. Top-notch engineering teams trust Bonsai to gradually upgrade their EOLed Ruby and Rails versions with zero downtime.

Bonsai by FastRuby.io sponsor

Writebook: 37signals' New, Free Rails App — A few months ago, 37signals released Campfire, a Rails-powered chat system, and many Rails developers bought it to see how 37signals and DHH write Rails code. Writebook is their new app that lets you publish Markdown-formatted books to the Web, and even if you don’t need the app, it’s a cool (free) way to see ‘how the sausage is made’.



Top Five Postgres Surprises From Rails Devs — From the author of High Performance PostgreSQL for Rails come some excellent tips about making Postgres faster, such as covering indexes, understanding pages, and using PostgreSQL for more than just CRUD data.

Andrew Atkinson

Debugging in Ruby with Debug — A quick overview of the debug gem, a powerful debugger that’s been shipping with Ruby since version 3.1.

Thomas Riboulet

Parsing CSV Files in Ruby — A brief introduction to Ruby’s long standing csv library (nowadays separated into its own gem.)

Jeffery Morhous

Software Consultants Your Team Actually Wants to Work with 🥳 — Test Double solves tough problems from strategy to execution. Weekly rates. Open contracts. No management required.

Test Double sponsor

📄 Hotwire Voting and Flash Messages with Rails Andy Leverenz

📄 Rendering Markdown Views in Rails Sebastian Rollén

🎧 Discussing Structuring Rails Apps with Matt Swanson The Rails Changelog

📺 How to Close a Modal After Save in Rails with Turbo and Stimulus Ken Greeff

📄 How I Test Stimulus Controllers Dimiter Petrov

🛠 Code & Tools

JRuby Released — The latest version of the JVM-based Ruby implementation gets a variety of bug fixes in its Ruby 3.1-compatible branch. The Ruby 2.6-compatible branch also gets an update with JRuby JRuby 10, supporting Ruby 3.4, is expected later this year.

The JRuby Team

Iteration and Sidekiq 7.3.0 — The latest version of the popular Sidekiq background job processor introduces a major new feature: Iterable Jobs. Mike Perham explains all here.

Mike Perham

Avoid Downtime and Queue Backlogs—Start Autoscaling in Minutes — Judoscale supports request queue time, Sidekiq, Delayed Job, Solid Queue, and more.

Judoscale sponsor

Magnus 0.7: Write Ruby Extensions in Rust (or Call Ruby from Rust) — A Rust library providing a high-level interface to Ruby’s C API so you can write Ruby extension libraries in Rust, or embed Ruby in a Rust program. GitHub repo.

Mat Sadler

Bunny: A Popular, Easy to Use, Mature Ruby Client for RabbitMQ — It’s not often you see a 12 year old Ruby library being actively maintained like this.

Klishin, Bruce, et al.

SQL Studio: An SQL Database Explorer — It’s not a Ruby project, but nonetheless useful to quickly work with SQLite files or Postgres/MySQL databases. You can download it here or check out a live demo.