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Ruby Weekly Issue 198
June 5, 2014
RSpec 3.0.0 (and 2.99.0) Released
The next major version of RSpec is here, along with 2.99, the recommended upgrade path for existing RSpec 2 users. RSpec 3 is a huge piece of work based around 4069 commits from 122 contributors. Learn what's new.
Myron Marston
An Incremental Migration from Rails Monolithic to Microservices
An extensive dig into how you can take a monolithic Rails app and break it out into a collection of interacting microservices.
Erin Swenson-Healey
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Create first-class Ruby training, make first-rate royalties
Pluralsight is building the best open-source training library on the planet, and we can’t do it alone. We’re looking for Ruby experts who are passionate about teaching. If that sounds like you, find out how you can create online courses and make royalties today.
The Many Ways of Accessing Strings with the String#[] Method
Most Rubyists know they can access a character within a string using the [] method (e.g. str[5] to get the sixth character) but there are numerous other things you can do too, including using regular expressions.
Aaron Lasseigne
A Rails Development Environment with Docker and Vagrant
Docker seems like it could change the way we deploy Rails applications and an essential step in taking advantage of this is using it in both development and production. This tutorial covers setting up quick and repeatable development environments using Vagrant and Docker.
Ben Dixon
How to Share a Session Between Sinatra and Rails
How can you share authentication between different apps? Both Rails and Sinatra are Rack-based, so there’s a way to bring them together elegantly.
How to Grow a (Ruby) User Group
ChicagoRuby is a user group with over 2000 members. This post looks at how they continue to grow and maintain the group.
Raymond T. Hightower
Getting Started With Google Glass Development using Ruby, the Mirror API and Heroku
Polyglot Programming Inc.
10 Most Common Mistakes that Rails Programmers Make
I can’t agree with them all but it’s a well put together list that mostly hits the mark.
Brian Vanloo
Elasticsearch On Rails, A Primer
Elasticsearch is a powerful full-text search server backed by Apache Lucene.
Installing Homebrew, Ruby, and Rails on OS X 10.10
Chris Bielinski
Building Command Line Apps with OptionParser
The Ruby standard library has a library called OptionParser (or 'optparse') that can be used to process command line options.
Watching and Listening
An Introduction to Rails 4.1's Enum
A 7 minute video that explores a brand new feature in Rails 4.1.
An Ode to 17 Databases in 33 Minutes
Toby Hede presents a whirlwind tour of a variety of database technologies and systems.
RailsConf 2014
30 Interviews from RailsConf Chicago 2014
A compilation of interviews with people from DHH and Aaron Patterson to Yehuda Katz and Leah Silber.
Ruby Developer in a Startup Dedicated to Media (France)
Pixagility is a high tech company, working specifically on new habits in watching TV and one of the biggest French transcoding farms. Join us and get to be the Ruby's reference for us and our clients.
Senior Ruby Developer at Econify (DC, NYC, NoVA)
Econify is a Ruby development shop that primarily works with established companies to lead them through complicated technology challenges. We’re currently seeking 1-2 senior developers to work on-site with our fantastic clients.
Intermediate Ruby and Rails Developer at Kipu Systems (Miami, FL)
Kipu Systems
Libraries, Code and Tools
bower-rails: Rake Tasks for Bower on Rails
Git 2.0 Released: What Changed, and Why Should You Care
Not exactly a Ruby related release but we’re probably all using it at some stage.
Felipe Contreras
desktop: A Decent Way to Change Your Desktop Image on OS X
A Ruby-based tool for changing your desktop on all displays on OS X.
Chris Hunt
FlappyMotion: An Implementation of Flappy Bird in RubyMotion for iOS
Torben Toepper
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Get real-time data from your real end-users
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