Ruby Weekly
Issue 206 — July 30, 2014
Matz is visiting Lumosity this afternoon and they’ll be asking him the top 10 questions left on this Reddit thread later today. Got a question? Ask it while you can.

Kasper Timm Hansen
Rails 4.2 will come with an all new, faster and more flexible HTML sanitization mechanism for cleaning up user-supplied HTML.

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Official Ruby Blog
Takes place in Tokyo, Japan between September 18-20.

Love it or hate it, RMagick remains one of the most popular image processing libraries in Ruby, but it’s gotten a bit messy and someone has forked it to keep up maintenance.

Pat Maddox
Pat Maddox (RSpec) has launched a Ruby coding practice service with free daily examples and a lesson each week designed to make you a better Ruby programmer. He’ll be adding extended paid features next week but the core is free.

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