Ruby Weekly
Issue 229 — January 15, 2015
Ben Lewis
Walkthroughs and examples for methods like Object#tap, Array#bsearch (a Ruby 2.0-ism) and Enumerable#flat_map. You should pick up at least a trick or two from here.

A variety of benchmarks have been implemented and are run for every commit and release of Ruby. Sam Saffron explains more about the project.

Richard Schneeman
A look at how Ruby 2.2 has added the Method#super_method method which exposes super method metadata which can come in handy when debugging.

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Andrey Chernih
A simple to use Web-based VM configuration tool for building Rails servers using Vagrant and Ansible. Pick your options and it produces a downloadable set of configs ready to use.

The Changelog
Hongli Lai is one of the co-founders of Phusion, the creators of the Passenger app server commonly used to serve up Ruby and Rails apps.

Guo Xiang
Countering a recent popular benchmark, Guo notes ‘your Rails application is probably not going to be affected too much by the compiler that was used to compile Ruby.’

Benjamin Sullivan
A look at an interesting and perhaps unexpected situation where the result of claims to be a Fixnum but.. is and isn’t.


  • Senior Backend Engineer at Drivy (Paris, France)We're building the leading peer-to-peer car rental service (think "Airbnb for cars") in Europe and we're looking for an experienced Ruby developer to helps us tackle some exciting challenges. Drivy
  • Senior Ruby Developer at Econify [New York, NY]Econify is a Ruby development shop that primarily works with established companies, leading them through complicated technology challenges. We’re currently seeking 1 senior developer to work on-site with our fantastic clients. Econify
  • Software Engineer at View The Space, AngularJS/Rails (New York City)View The Space (VTS) is the first cross platform leasing solution in Commercial Real Estate. We use video, distribution, and real-time analytics to help the world's largest owners and brokerage firms lease space.  View The Space

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