Ruby Weekly
Issue 230 — January 22, 2015
JRuby Blog
The first (pre)-release of ‘JRuby 9000’ is here representing a reboot of many JRuby concepts. It supports Ruby 2.2 (except Refinements and a few other things) and has a new optimizing runtime based on a traditional compiler design. If you want to learn more, this talk from RubyConf covers a lot.

Scott Francis noticed something odd when profiling the main Shopify app and dug in deep to work out what was going on. It turned out MRI’s method cache only has room for 2048 entries and it was impacting their app.

Lawson Kurtz
In short, using double quoted strings is not much slower than using single quoted ones, so you can get away with sticking with one type.

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Hampton Catlin
Hampton Catlin (creator of Sass and Haml) started the Ruby Survey in 2008. It’s a great way to track trends of developers in the Ruby world. Consider filling it out again this year as we can all learn from the results.

What is symbol GC and why should we need to garbage collect symbols anyway? Richard Schneeman looks at why Ruby 2.2 includes the feature and the benefits it provides.

Jim Gay
The Forwardable makes it easy to delegate specific methods on one object to another designated object. Jim looks at how it works.

A pretty long and interesting tale of how Ruby and the Twilio telephony service are coupled with one of Hacker News’s most famous user’s business aims, complete with examples.


  • Senior Backend Engineer at Drivy (Paris, France)We're building the leading peer-to-peer car rental service (think "Airbnb for cars") in Europe and we're looking for an experienced Ruby developer to helps us tackle some exciting challenges. Drivy
  • Senior Rails Developer at Goldstar (Portland, OR or Pasadena, CA)Goldstar is the world’s largest online seller of half-price tickets to live events -- theater, concerts, sports and even things like wine tastings, scavenger hunts and rodeos. We are looking for experienced Rails developers to grow our small but highly productive backend team. Goldstar
  • Rails Developer at Unabridged SoftwareWe are a software consultancy, focused on Rails, serving clients in the US and abroad. Our committed clients want features done yesterday. Come join a small team, wear multiple hats, and learn what it takes to ship successful projects. Unabridged Software

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