Ruby Weekly
Issue 231 — January 29, 2015
Aaron Patterson
Aaron ‘tenderlove’ Patterson (he of the Ruby and Rails core teams) shares numerous interesting RSpec vs Minitest insights after using both in earnest. Note, however: ‘Do I care which one you use? No.’

I launched RubyFlow in 2008 for Rubyists to share tutorials, libraries, and other Ruby stuff with more context than typical social news sites. 11,500 posts later(!) I finally rebuilt it. I use RubyFlow as a source of Ruby Weekly links so consider submitting your work.

Passenger-docker is a Docker image meant to serve as a good base for Ruby, Python, Node.js and Meteor app images.

Codeship  Sponsored
Codeship is a simple and reliable Continuous Delivery Service. It integrates with GitHub and BitBucket and tests and deploys your apps to cloud services like Heroku and AWS after a simple push. Join Product Hunt, Treehouse and many other Codeship customers today!


RailsConf 2015
The CFP ends at noon ET on Feb 6. The event is in Atlanta across Apr 21-23. Tickets are still available.

An extensive first hand report of why a team ported a 30K LOC app from JRuby to Go and what the pros and cons were. (I guess this is a good a place as any to note we have a Go newsletter as well now!)

Chris Mytton
A look at using Mechanize to scrape reviews from Pitchfork, the music review site.

Steve Richert
Learn a couple of other things the ‘flash’ object in Rails could be used for, other than displaying messages to users.


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