Ruby Weekly
Issue 232 — February 5, 2015
Aaron Lasseigne takes a look at some of the new things we can play with in Ruby 2.2, such as Binding#local_variables, Enumerable#slice_after, and Kernel#itself. I hadn’t known about most of these.

Eqbal Quran
A practical (rather than theoretical) treatment of the various techniques and approaches that are available for concurrency and parallelism in Ruby.

Ninefold  Sponsored
Can deploying to production be a joyful experience? At Ninefold, we think so. Get a 1.5 GB combined Rails app server in the US, for free (seriously). Just sign-up, deploy a Rails app and enter your billing details.


Simon Eskildsen
A look at the measures taken by Shopify to ensure their busy Rails-based e-commerce system can stand the heat on Black Friday and Cyber Monday.

Koichi Sasada
Ruby 2.2 introduced incremental garbage collection for extra performance through shorter GC pause times. This is an overview of the technique and how it compares to what older MRI implementations did.
The RubyGems site uses so many gems, they’ve split their vendor/cache folder out into a separate repository. Arthur Nogueira Neves looks at the how and why.

Kamil Lelonek
Ansible is an IT automation tool, most often used for configuring servers and deploying apps.


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