Ruby Weekly
Issue 233 — February 12, 2015
Koichi Sasada
An interesting project from a well known Ruby core member that makes your exception backtraces more informative, including local variable values.

Allows you to create self-contained, ‘portable’ Ruby binaries for Windows, Linux, and OS X.

Code School
The Ruby Heroes awards are handed out each year at RailsConf to people in the Ruby community who deserve some recognition. Get your nominations in for 2015 now.

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Tom Copeland
Sometimes you’ll see code that misuses the String class API. Luckily, there’s a utility to help you find such code programatically.

Scott Hanselman
HttpPlatformHandler allows Microsoft's IIS to host anything that can run on Windows and listen on a certain port, basically a reverse proxy plugin.

Aaron 'tenderlove' Patterson
Tenderlove looks at an interesting hash related quirk he’s discovered. Enjoy this mostly for curiosity’s sake though, you’re not very likely to hit this issue.

I’ve had some troubles with earlier Passenger 5 betas but Phusion are now happy to commit to beta 3 being ‘more or less ready for production’ with the final release expected later this month


  • Technical Lead - Ruby at Lonely Planet (Franklin, TN)The Technical Lead is responsible for providing technical leadership and consistent technical direction on the Lonely Planet development platform to both the Lonely Planet technical teams, as well as external parties. Lonely Planet
  • Ruby/Rails Software Engineer at DadeSystems (Miami, FL)We're looking for a full time Ruby/Rails software engineer to be part of our small development team in Miami, FL. Responsibilities would include improving and maintaining our core Rails application and supporting Ruby/Java pieces. DadeSystems
  • Senior Backend Engineer at Drivy (Paris, France)We're building the leading peer-to-peer car rental service (think "Airbnb for cars") in Europe and we're looking for an experienced Ruby developer to help us tackle some exciting challenges. Drivy

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