Ruby Weekly
Issue 234 — February 19, 2015
Aaron Patterson
One way to save time when running tests is to, well, not run some of them. Aaron Patterson of the Ruby and Rails core teams looks at what’s involved in building a ‘regression test selector’ to only test code that has actually changed.

Ben Lewis
Ruby Processing provides a mechanism to use the Processing visual arts programming environment from Ruby. This is an introduction to using it to build your own visualizations.

Pat Shaughnessy
“The private keyword signals other developers: Don’t rely on this; don’t call it; it might change.”

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Justin Weiss
The easiest way to create a useful side project is to pull it out of an app you’re already building. But what to extract? And how do you turn it into a gem, without destroying your workflow?

PJ Hagerty
Very brief summaries of Cuba, Trailblazer, Volt, Cramp, Ramaze, Lotus and, of course, Sinatra.

Brian VanLoo
A look at how blindly using the Rails scaffold generator can allegedly inadvertently expose data you might otherwise have thought was secret to your app.

A look at how to get started with building and deploying Rails apps using Docker and Fig (a tool to create isolated development environments with Docker).

Michal Papis


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