Ruby Weekly
Issue 235 — February 25, 2015
Ruby News
The official security fix era for 1.9.3 is now over as announced last year. 1.9 became MRI's production release 6 years ago but is now officially extinct.

Phil Nash
A look at Envyable, Figaro, and Dotenv, which provide different ways to store environment variables alongside a Ruby app.

Peter Cooper
A primer on binary, binary operations, and how it all comes together in Ruby for various purposes (such as packing and unpacking or flags).

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Andrew Sinner
A comprehensive Rails 4.2-based tutorial on uploading files directly to S3 using Amazon’s AWS SDK if, say, you don’t fancy using an upload system like CarrierWave.
With this release, Ruby 2.0 goes into a security maintenance phase with only critical security fixes being applied to it in future. Ruby 2.0 maintenance will end on Feb 24, 2016 so migrate to Ruby 2.1 or 2.2 by then.

Brian Hempel
A four part series (the first two parts are available so far) on optimizing a potentially memory-heavy Rails action without resorting to pagination.

Blake Mesdag
A look at some under-utilized convenience methods that can help when debugging.


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