Ruby Weekly
Issue 236 — March 5, 2015
The popular Ruby application server takes a big step forward with version 5 (such as better performance and better WebSocket support) and it’s now out of beta.

Ruby News
A minor update to 2.2 that mostly fixes an FFI build failure and memory leak issue with the Symbol GC.

Albert Still
The famous decryption machine used in the UK during World War 2.

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An interesting look at the differences involved when you either explicitly call blocks or just yield to them.

Despite all the improvements to MRI’s garbage collector, there are still things you can tune and optimize. Learn how to find optimal GC settings here.

A 6 minute screencast where Robert Qualls dives into the Ruby load path, how require and load work, and how to make sure your code always gets loaded.

Jakub Kosinski
If you’ve internationalized your backend app with gettext, it might be convenient to share those translations with the JavaScript-based front-end too.

What’s new in the Ruby, Node.js and Python app server. Much improved performance for starters.


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