Ruby Weekly
Issue 237 — March 12, 2015
Not the first time we’ve mentioned Volt, but this is a full ‘how to get started’ tutorial.

The Changelog
An extensive (podcast) interview with David Heinemeier Hansson about the past, present and future of Rails. It’s almost two hours long.

Ruby News
The core Ruby project will be a top-level organization acting as an umbrella for Ruby-related projects including Ruby, JRuby and Celluloid. Students and mentors can register an interest now.

SendGrid  Sponsored
Reliably send and deliver email from your application using Ruby and the Mail gem. Visit the SendGrid Code Workshop to see a working example of sending mail through Sendgrid, and export the code example in minutes. Easily integrate and test sending up to 400 emails per day, for free.


Brian Storti
Want your own custom commands to run with the ‘gem’ command? Here’s a tutorial.

All users on 5.x recommended to upgrade as it fixes all critical issues reported so far.

Thomas Reynolds
One developer is writing Ruby with some interesting twists, relying on design by contact, for example. This stirred up a discussion on Hacker News.

Bear Metal
Add a gem, register and run your app, and get a custom GC tuning report (example) at the end.

Justin Weiss
A potential issue where a background job is triggered before a database transaction is completed.

Design is Refactoring
Avoid thorny nests of nested ifs with one of Fowler’s patterns to refactor away conditionals entirely.


  • Sr. TechOps Engineer at Swiftype (San Francisco, CA)Swiftype combines passion energy with technical problems that we love to work on. We’re a small group of developers building incredibly powerful, scalable infrastructure software that pushes boundaries. We’re looking for talented people to join our team! Swiftype
  • Senior Rails Developer (f/m) at Drooms GmbHWe are looking for excellent developers with deep domain knowledge, plenty of hands-on experience, a "just do it" attitude, and a passion for building awesome stuff and a desire to disrupt industries. We like to work with flat hierarchies and a great sense of teamwork. Drooms GmbH
  • Freelance with Companies like Airbnb, IDEO JPMorganWork on special projects with great companies through Toptal. Set your weekly/hourly rate, and work from anywhere in the world as an elite HTML5 developer. See if you have what it takes. TopTal

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