Ruby Weekly
Issue 238 — March 19, 2015
Jarkko Laine
Now that Puma, a threaded app server, is the preferred Web server for Rails apps on Heroku, it’s worth considering if your app is ready for such an environment. Jarkko digs into the issues.

A new non-profit trade association bringing together resources to improve community tools like Bundler and RubyGems. A developer has been funded to work on such tools and folks like Aaron Patterson, Sarah Mei and Steve Klabnik are on its board.

ProfileIt  Sponsored provides what others can't: a performance profile of any page in your Rails app, live, in production, with zero overhead for your users. See slow SQL queries, method calls, and server-side rendering times. Even XHR redirects. Try free.


Santosh Wadghule
A look at building a system that can call a number supplied by a user of your app and request they push ‘1’ to validate.

Montana Low
A quick look at code behind a Hacker News ‘title generator’ that uses Markov chains.

Justin Weiss
What is a session? How does Rails know to show the right data to the right person? And how do you decide where you keep your session data?

The Pragmatic Studio
A very professional (but free) 20 minute screencast by Mike Clark covering the basics of introducing various JavaScript-backed effects and features into a Rails 4 app.

Benjamin Tan { |s| s.length } can be reworked as :length but what’s really happening and how can you reimplement this idea yourself?

Monkey and Crow
The ‘travel’ and ‘travel_to’ helpers in Rails 4.1+ help you test time related code, but how are they implemented?

Aaron Patterson
Aaron ‘tenderlove’ Patterson has made a huge gain in array allocation efficiency in RubyGems by leaning on good old linked lists.


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