Ruby Weekly
Issue 239 — March 26, 2015
Henry Chinner
A tutorial on creating a simple feed-forward neural network that can classify hand written digits. Focuses on implementation rather than theory.

Jamis Buck
Beautifully described as ‘a few curious Rubyisms of dubious use, which may yet be worth knowing about’ by a very long-time Rubyist.

Jeroen van Baarsen
It’s not only RailsConf that’s around the corner, Rails 5.0 is too. Jeroen recaps a few of the things we should expect.

SendGrid  Sponsored
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Riding Rails
After four release candidates, so you should be safe to go!

The Hybrid Group
Playing with robots isn’t just for Node developers. Artoo is a modern robotics framework with support for 15 different platforms.

Will Jessup
Something you need to do at least once in your life.

Nick Gauthier
Docker provides a way to ‘containerize’ services, but you can also use it for testing a Rails app within a consistent, predictable environment (ideal for parallel testing).


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