Ruby Weekly
Issue 251 — June 18, 2015
Riding Rails
Each contains fixes for some recently discovered vulnerabilities. An interesting side benefit is Rails 3.2.22 now means Rails 3.2 supports Ruby 2.2 for the first time.

Darko Gjorgjievski
A variety of principles of error handling in Ruby, including things like cleaning up before exiting, error logging, never rescuing Exception, and alternatives to raising exceptions.

Nikolay Nemshilov
A fun, well-recorded 25 minute look at making a Street Fighter clone in Ruby using the Gosu 2D game development library.

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Ruby’s creator covers the history and background to Ruby’s design before moving on to Ruby’s future beyond the Web and a look at Streem, a new language built by Matz to experiment with future Ruby concurrency models.

Starr Horne
A quick look at some properties of Ruby’s lambdas (versus blocks and procs).

Jorge Bejar
The ‘Rails API’ project, which makes it easy to create API-only projects in Rails, is becoming a core part of Rails in version 5. How will it work?

Rails 5 isn’t too far away and Vasu K quickly covers what we should expect to see from it. One key point is Rails 5 will only work on Ruby 2.2.1 and above which may present challenges for upgraders.


In brief