Ruby Weekly
Issue 259 — August 13, 2015
Leigh Halliday
If you’ve only ever built Ruby webapps using Rails, you might appreciate this quick look at what some alternatives are all about.

Give this service your Gemfile.lock, it checks the versions of gems you’re using for vulnerabilities, and lets you know what’s up.

Avdi Grimm
We’ve all been there..  Sponsored
When people depend on your apps to work, you need Honeybadger. We give you complete visibility into production problems the moment they happen, and the tools you need to fix them. Try exception, uptime and performance monitoring for free.

Charles Nutter and Tom Enebo
JRuby 9000 only came out a few weeks ago, so it’s great to get the full backstory to its development, release, testing process and more. After 28:15, Chris Seaton comes on to talk about the high-speed Truffle backend.

Raymond Cudjoe
Learn how to write robust, shorter and less complicated tests with shoulda-matchers, one-liners that provide an easy way to simplify Test::Unit and RSpec tests.

Rails Rumble
Rails Rumble is a long-running annual Ruby webapp development contest that takes place entirely online and has cool prizes.

AuthLogic doesn’t rely on generated code like Devise but provides behind the scenes magic for you to more easily code your own login controllers and views.


  • Senior Ruby Platform Engineer at Jiff (Mountain View, CA)Jiff is an enterprise health benefits platform that enables employers to reduce health care spending. We're looking for a top caliber architect with experience in building a data platform from ground up at internet scale. Fluency with Rails required. Jiff, Inc
  • Expert Ruby Instructors at Pluralsight (Freelance-Part-time)Currently hiring expert Ruby Developers that want to share their knowledge with a global audience. As a Pluralsight author, you'll join a tight knit family of passionate teachers and earn royalties. We are looking for the best communicators and presenters in the Ruby community. Apply today. Pluralsight
  • Platform Engineer at Pusher (London)We free thousands of developers from operating their own realtime infrastructure. If you love working on hard problems, join us and help us grow our distributed platform to hundreds of billions of daily messages. Pusher

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