Ruby Weekly
Issue 260 — August 20, 2015
Nelson Elhage
Stripe, the payment service, heavily uses automated tests to the tune of over 130,000 assertions. One of their engineers explains how they’ve implemented a distributed test runner to run them all in under 3 minutes.
A reasonably minor release but it fixes a RubyGems domain verification vulnerability.

Reinteractive  Sponsored
We all know a Rails app that's being neglected, except when something breaks and it’s a frantic effort trying to reinstall that vendored, unsupported plugin from 2011 or Ruby 1.8.6! Get it onto CodeCare and we’ll maintain, upgrade and improve it.


Yukihiro 'Matz' Matsumoto
At a recent MRI Ruby developers meeting, it was decided string literals will be immutable in Ruby 3.0. Full minutes of the meeting here.

Kir Shatrov
Rather than pipe user uploads through your app, it’s now possible to get their browser to upload directly to S3 without you being a middleman.

Starr Horne
A look at the technique behind using a Ruby program’s own source file as a data source.


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