Ruby Weekly
Issue 261 — August 27, 2015
Mike Coutermarsh
An engineer at Product Hunt demonstrates how Heroku’s new ‘Performance’ dynos are a great fit for higher end Heroku users currently using many smaller dynos.

Peter Hellberg
The latest version of Go (1.5) supports building shared libraries that can be loaded in Ruby using FFI. This gives Rubyists another language with which to build native libraries. Psst, we have a Go newsletter too.

Official Rails Blog
Almost entirely bug and vulnerability fixes, but new releases nonetheless.

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Engine Yard

Luca Tironi
An extensive tutorial on creating an app using Warden and Rails::API, a subset of Rails aimed at building APIs for front-end web and mobile apps.

Leigh Halliday
Active Job was first included in Rails 4.2 as a way to standardize interactions with queueing systems like Sidekiq, Resque, and Delayed Job.

Lorenzo Masini
A look at performing automatic semantic classification right from inside Ruby (using no external services) with the classifier-reborn library.

Starr Horne
Buried within Ruby’s nesting implementation - and Rails’ autoload system - are a few traps that can cause your code to fail in strange ways.


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