Ruby Weekly
Issue 262 — September 3, 2015
A revision of the popular Rails 3 in Action is now available with the print book due in a week’s time.

LoneStarRuby 2015
Phoenix is a Web framework built in Elixir, a Ruby-esque language for the Erlang VM built by core Rails team alumnus José Valim. Version 1 has just been released and Chris McCord spoke about what’s so great about it.

The OS X, iOS, and Android Ruby app development toolkit now has a 100% free ‘starter’ edition for iOS and Android only. A new game development engine has also been added to the package.

Reinteractive  Sponsored
Face it, most downtime occurs because you weren’t given the time you needed to really research and implement a proper solution, and a 3am fix is never cool. OpsCare handles this for you and lets you get back to sleep (or coding).


Derrick Harris
Sam Lambert, GitHub’s director of technology, explains how GitHub is able to keep on scaling with a relatively simple technology stack.

Starr Horne
Looks at exit statuses, fails, abort, and exceptions.

A chat bot written in Ruby. It connects with IRC, HipChat, Campfire and similar chat services and helps you automate tasks.

Prawn is a great library for creating PDFs but if you want to plot complete charts, you’ll find something like this useful.

Justin Weiss
A look at the pros and cons of using scopes versus class methods with ActiveRecord.

Godfrey Chan and Yehuda Katz
A common root cause for unexplained slowdowns in Rails apps is excessive object allocations. This article looks at using Skylight to track them down.


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