Ruby Weekly
Issue 274 — November 26, 2015
Amongst (many) other things about Ruby 3, Matz announced the ‘Ruby 3x3’ (@ 54:05), a goal for Ruby 3 to be three times faster than Ruby 2.

In terms of internal comms, Cooper Press, like many companies, has gone Slack mad. It’s possible to write apps that you can interact with from Slack, and here’s a (very) basic intro to doing so with Ruby.

Bloc IO  Sponsored
Learn every component of an application: the database, server and client-side code, and front-end markup. Bloc is an immersive, outcome-oriented online program with 1-on-1 mentorship, learning by building real applications, and career support.

Bloc IO

Confreaks TV
If you didn’t make it to RubyConf this year, no problem. Confreaks has again done a great job of recording it and sharing the videos with us.

Leigh Halliday
Structuring apps as small, interoperable ‘microservices’ seems to be all the rage right now. Rails apps tend to be bigger and more monolithic, but there are some ways to introduce service oriented concepts in Rails.

Aaron Patterson
At RubyConf, Aaron (tenderlove) Patterson looked at the process of compiling Ruby into the bytecode Ruby’s VM runs. This goes deep; you’re sure to learn something.

Ilija Eftimov
A from-scratch guide to integrating Minitest into your Ruby project so you can reap the benefits of test-driven development.


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