Ruby Weekly
Issue 290 — March 23, 2016
Code School
The Ruby Heroes awards are given out each year at RailsConf to people in the community who deserve recognition. Get your nominations in now.

Otto is a tool from the creators of Vagrant that can both create development environments for apps and then deploy them to the cloud.

Better Ruby
A software design pattern that provides the ability to roll the state of an object back to its previous state (i.e. undo/rollback).

RedisGreen  Sponsored
Ever wonder what your Redis server was actually doing? Find out with RedisGreen's dashboard and monitoring tools.


Joseph Weissman
Want to track objects and look them up again based on ID or their attributes, or even use relational semantics, with no need for persistence? PassiveRecord is for you.

Fabio Akita
Aimed more at beginners, but includes points we can all forget occasionally, as well as some interesting opinions and insights.

RubyGems Guides
It’s rare, but installing a malicious gem could ultimately result in a server being compromised by the gem’s author. RubyGems has had the ability to sign gems since 0.8.11, but how does it work?

Daniel P. Clark
Understanding scopes will help you fully leverage Ruby. Here’s an in-depth overview, looking at singletons, namespaces, and bindings along the way.

Jake Yesbeck
Engines are miniature apps whose purpose is to supplement a larger Rails app. Jake looks at what goes into creating one.


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