Ruby Weekly
Issue 291 — March 31, 2016
Aaron Patterson
At BathRuby 2016, Aaron ‘tenderlove’ Patterson dug into how method calls are executed, optimized, and cached by Ruby’s VM. A deep dive.

Jake Yesbeck
A follow up to a previously popular post with five more features of the ActiveRecord API that you’ll find useful, including pluck, after_commit and changes.

Jamis Buck
Jamis Buck unveils a new way to create and maintain complex SQL queries based upon their separate components.

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Xavier Riley
A fun introduction to one of my favorite Ruby projects. Build music live with Ruby and a custom IDE. Jump to 27m23s for an Obama influenced track.

Matthew O'Riordan
A look at the strengths and weaknesses of Rails 5’s new ActionCable WebSocket-based pub/sub service.

Ed Wassermann
A look at AntiPatterns, which represent pretty much the opposite of design patterns — They are discoveries of solutions to problems that you should definitely avoid.

Juanito Fatas
Combinations of symbols often get funny names in Ruby like hashrocket or spaceship, but do you know what an eek squeak or bacon cannon are? ;-) Yes, this is all very much for fun.


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