Ruby Weekly
Issue 292 — April 7, 2016
RubyGems Blog
“ contained a bug that could allow an attacker to replace some .gem files on our servers with a different file that they supplied.” It has since been fixed and existing gems have been verified.

Uses the Google Vision API to automatically recognize human faces in images or identify inappropriate (violent/adult) content.

Yusuke Endoh
Written to act as a benchmark for the Ruby3x3 goal (i.e. 'Ruby 3 will be 3 times faster'). I've not tried Mario yet but it runs the demo fine.

Cloudinary  Sponsored
Cloudinary offers a solution to find the optimal responsive image dimensions for each specific image. The responsive breakpoints generation can be done programmatically using a cloud-based API or interactively using a new free open source web tool - the Responsive Breakpoints Generator.


Leigh Halliday
Thoughts on producing documentation for your Rails API, how to go about it, and what tools are available.

Tatiana Vasilyeva
This update to the popular RubyMine IDE brings support for the latest Rails 5 and Ruby 2.3, while also improving dev experience with better JS, TypeScript, VCS and database support and tools.

Alexander Dymo
Alex has tested numerous Ruby 2.3 features for speed improvements but hasn’t found the new frozen string pragma to help on a real world app.

Ruby News
It’s an old branch (2.3 is latest) and 2.1.10 is otherwise identical to 2.1.9, but if you’re a library developer or tester, 2.1.10 lets you test support for 2 digit version numbers.


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