Ruby Weekly
Issue 294 — April 21, 2016
Robert Pankowecki
An interesting story and deep dive into solving a performance issue with background jobs caused by the way Ruby handles threads.

Just yesterday, David Heinemeier Hansson, the creator of Rails, spoke about Rails performance and shared opinions on app architecture, caching, and SPAs.

Zachary Scott
A wrap up of all the upcoming changes and plans for Sinatra, the minimal webapp DSL (that inspired Node’s Express).

Heroku  Sponsored
Heroku found why the asset pipeline is the slowest part of deploying a Rails app, and turned it into a 12x performance improvement on some apps with Sprockets version 3.3+. Learn more.


Nick Sutterer
Nick Sutterer, the author of Cells and Trailblazer, introduces Cells and how it makes Rails views better. Beware: Strong opinions ahead!

John Kevin Basco
JSON API is a spec for building APIs that use JSON and JSONAPI::Resources is a library for Ruby bringing JSON API to Rails.

Jake Yesbeck
How you’d dig into a common performance optimization issue within a Rails app.


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