Ruby Weekly
Issue 308 — July 28, 2016
How to install and trust a self-signed certificate on your development server, and set up your DNS to redirect your dev traffic to your dev box.

Ivan Tse
If you like real world stories that could impact how you approach your own problems, this is a worthwhile read.

Ruby Association
Each year the Ruby Association in Japan has an award for ‘new and outstanding’ members of the Ruby community. Matz invites you to nominate people now.

Cloud 66  Sponsored
The tips, tricks, and previously hidden gems that help you create a secure, future-proof, and high performance Rails-based application.

Cloud 66

Ievgen Kuzminov
A wide ranging and opinionated list of technologies, resources, and ideas on alternative approaches for building web apps both with and without Rails.

Piotr Solnica
“This release is a huge milestone for the project as its infrastructure is now complete - this means that all core APIs and high-level extensions are in place”

Rodrigo Rosenfeld Rosas
Pprovides a DSL to perform get and post requests and allows fast integration tests with automatic cookie-based session management. GitHub repo.


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