Ruby Weekly
Issue 309 — August 4, 2016
Evan Phoenix
A tool to manage Rack apps in development that bills itself as “the emotional successor to Pow.” Easily start up and idly shutdown Rack and Rails apps during development. There’s a 6 minute screencast, if you’d like a video introduction.

Daniel P. Clark
Refinements were designed to scope changed behavior to a very specific area of code. I’ve not seen them getting much use yet but this is a good, brief rationale.

Tinco Andringa
How to build WebSocket driven applications or features using Rails 5’s ActionCable.

AppSignal  Sponsored
Your application's infrastructure is unique. While error tracking and performance monitoring cover essentials, problems often originate in a deeper layer. Dive into your code and go where no developer has gone before.


Serdar Doğruyol
Crystal is an interesting Ruby-esque language (not 100% compatible) with static typing and native code compilation.

Tom Dalling
A round-up of RSpec 3.5’s core features with several short code examples.

Bo Wild
“Real time web applications in Ruby are hurting,” starts the author, before sharing some interesting ideas on webapp serving architecture in Ruby - some of which was being considered for Rack 2.

Noel Rappin
Noel Rappin demonstrates how he uses a couple of RSpec’s configuration options to improve the way he runs his tests.


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