Ruby Weekly
Issue 310 — August 11, 2016
Chris Arcand
A seemingly random piece out of output in a test suite led to some investigation work for Chris Arcand. What was causing this odd output?

Justin Collins
The developer of Brakeman recently decided to include all of his gem’s dependencies within the gem. Why, how, and what are the pros and cons of this approach?

Pete Huitsing
Build your app in the right way and Heroku scales well, but there are some important things to consider.

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Mike Perham
If you Ruby process has totally stopped doing any work, what’s going on? Sidekiq’s creator provides some tips to get started on investigating the cause.

Scott, Silva and Olson
An ActiveRecord plugin providing ‘soft delete’ functionality so that ‘deleted’ items can be restored. It’s been around for years but 0.5 is now out with Rails 5 support.

Leigh Halliday
Scratching the surface of some of the techniques that can be employed in Rails to improve overall security.


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