Ruby Weekly
Issue 319 — October 13, 2016
Pat Shaughnessy
“Bring your important Ruby code to the Crystal compiler for a second opinion. You might be surprised by what Crystal finds.” An interesting exploration by Pat Shaughnessy of running Ruby through a compiler that uses static typing.

Steve Richert
Bundler has some rather unexpected behavior when it comes to secondary sources that could be leveraged by malicious folks to inject code into your app.

A long(ish) review of the major themes of Euroko 2016, mostly focused on Ruby 3 and what it could be.

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Ross Kaffenberger
Learn when and how to use RSpec metadata to alter test behavior and application settings in specs, as well as what pitfalls you need to avoid in the process.

Victor Shepelev
An opinionated look at the RSpec vs MiniTest argument that attempts to define the right amount of magic in a DSL.

David Bush
Delve into the internals of how hashes work in Ruby, including a neat experiment to drive home the point.

Robert Pankowecki
Using events within a Rails app is a great way to decouple contexts and prepare for microservices as your app grows.

A modified version of the Ruby VM that uses the Eclipse OMR components for building faster language runtimes. Now with a JIT compiler. Linux only for now, but lots more info here.


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