Ruby Weekly
Issue 321 — October 27, 2016
Thomas Leitner
Create PDFs from scratch or edit existing ones. Supports merging, encryption, content extraction, optimization, and more.

EuRuKo 2016
17 videos from last months EuRuKo Ruby conference in Bulgaria are now online, including Rafael França on Sprockets, Marc-André Giroux on GraphQL, and Matz’s keynote.

Redisgreen  Sponsored
RedisMonitor from RedisGreen shows you large keys, memory leaks, old keys, and other potential problems quickly.


Ember Igniter
An extensive two part walkthrough of building a full-blown Ember app hooked to a Rails 5 API using JSON API, step by step.

Brandon Hilkert
A look at how to get a more direct feel for what Sidekiq is doing by creating an AWS Lambda job to monitor it and send notifications to Slack.

Thiago Araújo Silva
A series on building a Rails app the ‘right’ way from a pre-built base app called Code42Template.


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